BUSES IN TURKEY: Important Things to know


Know everything about buses in Turkey specifically and internal transportation in general since Turkey is characterized by a large number of forms of transportations and buses, which connect many regions to each other, and this kind of transportation may suit you best depending on where you live.

However, the disadvantage of this transportation is that it’s only good for moving within short distances. For long distances, especially at peak hours, overcrowding in Turkey and Istanbul in specific greatly affects bus traffic.

Buses in Turkey and the transportation card

The transportation card is used for all means of transportation, except for the mini-buses “delmash”, and even some types of taxis accept payments with this card.

It can be extracted and recharged from many stores and shops, or from the card recharging machines located in the main metro, metro bus, and tramway stations.

These machines are located in front of the stations and you can ask anyone how to use them if you cannot do it yourself.

Basically, you put the card in a place designated for it in the machine and then enter the amount that you want to recharge your card with, then after the card’s credit appears on the screen, you can take the card out and use it.

You can also get a receipt of the amount that you paid if needed.

Each region has its own card that can not be used in another region. For example, Istanbul card cannot be used in Izmir and so on.

Student Discount Card:

As for the student or disabled card, or the blue “discount” card, it is extracted from special centers for this purpose. Some of them are located in Beylikduzu Son Durak station, Avcilar or Yeni Bosna stations, or others.

These cards are personal cards, so only the person who extracted them from the centers is allowed to use them.

Transportation and buses in Turkey prices:

Transportation prices in Turkey vary depending on:

  1. The type of bus or the mean of transportation.
  2. The distance you will travel.
  3. The number of times the transportation card was used within two hours, the “discount price”.
  4. There are discounts for students and for the blue card users.
  5. Cards for retirees and the elderly in particular, allow them to use free transportation.

Prices range for buses in Turkey:

  • The regular price for the metro, tramway, and government buses in Turkey is 2.60 TL
  • Student fee: 1.25 TL
  • Discount price: 1.85 TL, if you use two means of transportation or more within less than two hours. Therefore, the first time will cost 2.60 TL that will be deducted from the card, the second time will cost 1.85 TL that will be deducted, and the third 1.40 TL.
  • The monthly blue card: It costs only 215 Turkish liras, and it’s recharged monthly, where it is filled with 180 points, only one point is deducted every time you use transportation.
  • Metrobus fees: 3.85 TL for the regular card, 1.25 TL for students, 2 points for the blue card.

Trafi App, your transportation guide:

This application helps in determining the appropriate public transportation means to transport you from your location to the place you want to reach,

It also allows you to learn about bus routes in Istanbul, check road maps, and to know the closest public transport stops to your location.

This application is the most used to learn about transportation lines in Istanbul for its inclusiveness and simplicity.

There are also other applications, and options to “know directions” in Google Maps that enables you to identify the appropriate buses and the best means of transportation to move around in Turkey.

Application link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trafi.android.tr

Website link: https://web.trafi.com/?old=true

And here are some of the Best Bus Services in Turkey, which are Well-established national companies with the best buses and safety records include:

  • Asya Tur-Hakiki Koç
  • IDOBus
  • Istanbul Seyahat
  • Kâmil Koç
  • Metro Turizm
  • Pamukkale Turizm
  • Ulusoy
  • Varan

Check this link for important apps in Turkey which includes great transportation apps.

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