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Kayasehir area Turkey is a promising area for real estate investments, and a region favored by many wealthy Foreigners because of its high-end accommodation and luxury residential complexes. Shahir is the newest municipality in Istanbul and the most developed in terms of infrastructure, proximity to the giant investment projects undertaken by the state and some of them are still under construction, such as: the giant Istanbul Canal, the largest hospital complex in Europe, the northern Marmara road, and other projects Let’s get to know detailed information about the Kayasehir region through the following article

Features of kayasehir area turkey

  • The area is characterized by its tranquility and being far from the crowds and noise of the city center in Istanbul.
  • All services are available in the Kayasehir area Turkey from many shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • There are schools in the area of various stages of study, so the area is suitable for families to stay.
  • In the region, there are modern real estate and residential complexes with apartments of large sizes.
  • The area has a security protection system and surveillance cameras around the clock in all buildings.

Real estate prices in kayasehir area turkey

Real estate prices in the kayasehir area turkey are relatively low compared to the surrounding urban areas.

Especially real estate prices in the “Basaksehir” area, despite the proximity of Kayasehir to it,

This is what attracted many of the rich foriegners to own property in the region, especially from the Arab Gulf states,

They also found in the region a good investment opportunity, as real estate prices are increasing day by day,

The average cost of rents for apartments in the Kayasehir area Turkey ranges between 1500-2000 TL for a 3-room apartment.

The prices vary according to the location of the site, the area of the apartment itself, and the services provided by the residential complex in which you want to rent an apartment.

All residential complexes provide swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, and fitness centers in them.

The price varies according to the quality of the services provided.

The advantages of the kayasehir area:

The Kayasehir area is located near many large government projects that are newly constructed, or that are still under construction, and after its completion, it is expected that the area will become one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul

Among the most important projects located near the kayasehir area are:

Basaksehir National Park:

The park is located near the Kayasehir area, and it was opened in 2018 and is built on an area of 368 thousand square meters (equivalent to 100 football fields),

The park includes yards and units dedicated to various sports activities such as football fields,

Yards for walking, cycling paths, places for rest and picnic for families,

In addition to the large biological pond, which is characterized by being self-supporting.

The large governmental field (Yeni Kent):

The square is located near the Kayasehir area Turkey, and it is considered the main square in Basaksehir and the central square in the region

The square is located near the National Botanical Garden in Basaksehir , and the Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” has already opened the square,

In conjunction with the opening of the park in 2018, this field is the largest in Istanbul and Turkey as a whole;

Its area is estimated at 60 thousand square meters, which is twice the size of the famous Taksim Square in Istanbul.

The field is also distinguished from all fields of Turkey by the efficient infrastructure, and the multiple means of transport and transportation that meet and pass through,

The square also includes many parking spaces that accommodate thousands of cars.

It also has many high restaurants and cafes.

The largest hospital complex in Europe (Bio Istanbul):

And it is considered the largest integrated medical city in Europe, which includes units for scientific and educational research and development, and specialized medical units,

And this great medical edifice is being built on an area of 1,060,000 square meters, and upon completion, this complex will accommodate about 60,000 visitors daily. Know more information about the medical city through this article

The famous Ataturk Olympic Stadium:

Kayasehir is only 5 minutes away from the famous Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, and it is only 8 minutes away from the TEM highway.

And it is one of the most important highways in Istanbul.

The giant Istanbul Canal project:

The Kayasehir area is located near the Sazlıdere Dam and the surrounding forests (approximately 3 km),

It is known that this area will be part of the giant Istanbul Canal project to be built,

And it will then become the Kayasehir area adjacent to this canal in the event of its completion.

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