The Istanbul Izmir new highway reduces a full 5 hours of travel


The Istanbul Izmir new highway is part of the tremendous development in the state’s infrastructure. For this reason, the Turkish government gives priority to the road, transportation, and infrastructure projects, and every period the Turkish republic announces the opening of one of the mega projects that achieve the state’s goals in this development.

The Istanbul Izmir new highway was recently opened, one of the giant roads and transportation projects in Turkey. The Istanbul-Izmir new highway reduced the distance between the two cities from 8 hours and a half to 3 hours and a half, and by this, it was able to reduce 5 full hours of painful travel between the cities of Istanbul and Izmir.

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Details of the Istanbul Izmir new highway project:

The Istanbul-Izmir new highway project is part of a large project of road and transportation projects in Turkey; which connects the most important cities of Turkey, Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir. With this, it connects the Marmara region with the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Western Anatolian regions.

And it was previously planned to complete this project in multiple phases, and the beginning of the project was in 2010, and the work on it continued until 2018, and in this year the first and main part of it was opened with a length of 201 km and a connection of 33 km.

As for the new section of the Istanbul Izmir new highway, which was recently opened on August 4, 2019, it is also a major section of the road, which is 183 km long and 9 km long link.

The Istanbul Izmir new highway consists of 6 main lanes equipped with the latest technology to accommodate huge numbers of passing cars, whether from light or heavy transport.

The Istanbul Izmir new highway reduces a complete 87 km with a difference of 5 hours. After the journey between Istanbul and Izmir took 8 and a half hours, it now takes only 3 and a half hours. The road opening ceremony took place in Bursa on the fourth of August 2019 in the presence of the Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan”. The Istanbul Izmir new highway, after its completion, will be shortened from 515 km to 426 km. The new road is parallel to the old road, but it is straighter than it.

The cost of the Istanbul Izmir road project and the fees for crossing the new road:

The Istanbul Izmir new highway project cost about 7 billion Turkish liras, and about 8 thousand and 500 workers and technicians participated in it, thousands of cars cross the road daily, traveling through Istanbul and Izmir. And the number of passing cars reached about 35 million cars one month after the inauguration of the project.

Vehicles passing on Istanbul-Izmir new highway pay specific transit fees via an electronic chip installed in the car, the cost of crossing the entire road from Istanbul to Izmir is 256 Turkish liras for private cars, and 129 Turkish liras for the loaded cars (transport).

Istanbul Izmir Highway itinerary:

To go to the Istanbul-Izmir new highway, you must cross the “Orhan Gazi” bridge, which is a famous bridge in Istanbul that can be reached after crossing the Asian side of Istanbul, then choose the new road that goes to the state of Bursa, then the city of Balikesir, then Manisa until it ends in the state of Izmir.

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