5 best international schools in Istanbul for Arabic Speakers


A large number of international schools in Istanbul -which are spread all over the city- provide their services to most of the foreigners residing in Turkey, especially because of the language barrier issue that foreign students have while studying in Turkish public schools. Which made international schools in Istanbul the best option for families that are capable to afford tuition fees of these schools. If you are a foreigner planning to reside in Turkey for a long time; You will want to register your children in one of the international schools in Istanbul.

international schools in istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, in addition to foreigners coming for the purpose of permanent residence, as it is characterized with a large number of features that attracts foreigners to at least visit it once. Istanbul’s strategic location, strong infrastructure, moderate atmosphere, green nature, and its waters morphology and beaches, without forgetting to mention its distinguished educational level, all of these are attractive factors that encourage those looking for a new city to have a comfortable stay of their choice. In this article, we will try to introduce you to the best and most famous international schools in Istanbul.

International schools in Istanbul:

Located in the Basaksehir region

Al Huda International Schools:

Al Huda Schools are located in the Basaksehir area, and they are schools that teach according to the Lebanese curriculum. They are considered as modern international schools, under the slogan “Different Education”, which is made possible by a distinguished team of the highest competencies in teaching and education while adopting international multilingual curricula. Their goal is to prepare a generation that is scientifically unique, aware of its inherent potential and committed to the highest levels of moral advancement.

school’s information:

Phone: +905530988900

Phone: +902126215350

School website: Here

School site on the map: Here

Al Aqsa International Schools:

Al Aqsa International School is located in the Basaksehir district, It is one of the most well-established and unique schools in the area. The languages taught are English, Arabic, and Turkish, and it follows the Yemeni curriculum and the American curriculum in teaching.

school’s information:

Phone.: +905393615595

Phone.: +905469159061

Phone.: +905469159062

School website: Here

The school’s location on the map: Here

Safir International Schools:

The English language is used at Al Safeer International School as the main language of instruction. It also teaches in Arabic because most of its students are Arabic speaking students. The school teaches Turkish as a third language in order to allow students to fit in socially in the country in which they live, as they provide the best international and American education for international foreign families in Istanbul.

school’s information:

0544 478 20 22 +

School website: Here

The school’s location on the map: Here

Al Fateh Schools for the Gifted:

Al Fateh Schools for the Gifted in Istanbul are considered one of the specialized educational centers, which are concerned with forming children, adolescents, and talented students scientifically, cognitively and linguistically, through advanced educational programs and effective educational competencies and modern technological tools.

school’s information:


The school’s location on the map: Here

Al-Manar International Schools:

Al-Manar International School is one of the Arabic speaker’s schools in Istanbul, located in Bahçelievler, next to Ataturk Airport. The school is accredited by the American AIAA for teaching the American curriculum, and constantly reviewing its plans, and keeping pace with the developments of our time, and it always works to provide a comfortable atmosphere for its members in order to benefit from their expertise and achieve a high percentage of well-qualified graduates and guarantee them opportunities to work or complete their studies through a successful application of the school curriculum.

school’s information:


Location on the map: Here

Website: here

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