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Education in Turkey is characterized by diversity in its schools. There are public schools and private schools in Turkey. The public schools are completely under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of National Education and they are free of charge. The main language used in these schools is Turkish.

You will find detailed information about public schools in the following article:

Education in Turkish public schools

There is a second type of schools in Turkey, which is private schools, and they are schools with fees that differ according to the school and the activities that they offer to the students. The education is either in Arabic or English depending on the school, and we will give you information about private schools in Turkey in this article.

Types and information about private schools in Turkey:

Turkish private schools are divided into 3 types of schools, and the academic level varies between the three types, but they are all characterized by the multiplicity of activities in schools and the presence of swimming pools, playgrounds, and libraries, in addition to their focus on providing complete meals for students during the school day.

The first type of private schools in Turkey:

Private schools that focus on teaching curricula in English at a high level are called (International Schools) and they are characterized by the quality of their education. However, their expenses are high; starting at four thousand US dollars in the kindergarten; such as:

“Safeer” schools, and “Al-Faiz International School”, which opened an English department alongside the old one in Arabic. The difference in expenses between the two departments is obvious, as it costs 1,500 US dollars in the Arab department, and it starts from 4 thousand dollars in the Cambridge department.

Likewise, the Syrian Canadian School, all of which are concerned with teaching all curricula in English only. As a condition to register students, it requires a certain level in English, but it does not pay any attention to other languages ​​such as Turkish, but rather adds them as individual study subjects.

The second type of private schools in Turkey:

Private schools that teach curricula in English. However, they focus on teaching religious sciences, the Holy Quran and Sharia sciences.

And that’s what combines the advantages of Imam Al-Khatib’s schools and the feature of teaching the English language,

One of these schools is “Luqman” school, which is an Egyptian school, and its fees are also high, but still less than international schools’ fees; with four thousand Turkish liras, the equivalent of 1500 US dollars.

The third type of private schools in Turkey:

Private Schools that teach curricula in Arabic and add English and Turkish as individual study subjects. These schools include teaching religious sciences, the Noble Quran, and Sharia sciences. In addition to the separation of student girls from student boys in most of these schools,

These schools are distinguished by their average expenses, as the high school education costs about 1700 US dollars, such as: the “Yemeni” school and “Al-Fateh for the Gifted” school, and their fees are about 3800 Turkish liras for the kindergarten stage; which means less than 1000 US dollars.

And “Al-Quds Al-Sharif” School and its fees are about 1500 US dollars.

And the Syrian “Al-Awael” school which expenses are 3000 Turkish liras (less than 1000 US dollars).

Advantages of private schools in Turkey:

The diversity of schools in Turkey allows students to choose between the appropriate type of education and the appropriate expenses for them, so there are too many schools to choose from.

Private schools in Turkey are located mostly in Istanbul and in the cities in which foreigners reside.

They are characterized by giving students a good English language level,

In some good schools, students must be admitted with an average level of English.

However, most private schools have a disadvantage because of their lack of focus on teaching the Turkish language.

And those who want to learn it must rely on the educational centers located all over Turkey, some of which teach the language with small fees.

Here are some examples of private schools in Turkey and their links:

“Safir” International Schools http://safir-school.com/about-safir/

“Al-Aqsa” Schools http://www.aqsaeducat.com/

“The Saudi School of Istanbul” http://www.sasistanbul.net/md/

Arab International School https://www.facebook.com/AISistanbul/

The Saudi School of Ankara http://www.saschank.org/ank/

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