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Turkey real estate sites helped revive the Turkish real estate market, as they look at the real estate specifications, features, and location in detail. The real estate market in Turkey in 2019 witnessed a high record of sales to foreigners. Foreign real estate properties in Turkey have reached about 316,052 thousand, and real estate sales in the last 7 months have reached a remarkable increase of 24,144 thousand housing units.

Buying a property in Turkey is one of the most popular methods of many nationalities to get a Turkish nationality. It is also considered a great investment opportunity for foreigners due to the continuous and regular increase in real estate prices in the recently established regions of Turkey. Get to know us through this article the best websites of Turkey real estate sites.

The role of Turkey real estate sites in developing the real estate market in Turkey:

E-marketing and real estate campaigns in social media have an important role in increasing the demand for real estate ownership in any country in the world. As for Turkey, most of the websites specialized in selling real estate in Turkey resort to directing campaigns to foreign countries. The real estate market is witnessing a remarkable increase year after year in the purchase of real estate in Turkish cities for foreigners.

At the top of the cities that witness a great real estate boom is Istanbul, followed by Antalya, then the capital city of Ankara, then Bursa, Yalova, Sakarya, Trabzon, Mersin, Mugla, and then Samsun. Turkey real estate sites focus on the best-selling places in Turkey, and its newly established areas such as Basaksehir, Beylikduzu and other Turkish neighborhoods in Istanbul. It also focuses on new real estate, which is what the foreign buyers want more than old real estate and old buildings.

Best Turkey real estate sites

1- Coldwellbanker turkiye:

The site was established as a company and brand for real estate consultancy in 1906 in San Francisco. It provides its real estate services in more than 3000 real estate offices in 49 countries around the world, and more than 120 thousand real estate consultants work in it. It has achieved remarkable success in buying and selling in Turkey real estate sites. It was able to occupy the first place among Turkey real estate sites.

You can enter the Coldwellbanker turkiye website through the following link:


REMAX is one of the best Turkey real estate sites. It has many branches in other countries of the world, more than 97 countries, such as the United States of America. The site was established as a company specialized in providing real estate services in 1973. It was chosen in 2019 as the second-best site in Turkey real estate sites. The site owns its real estate projects in the Turkish capital, Ankara “DUMAN KAYAIKON, NEWERASEYIRTE PE KONUTLAR”

You can learn about REMAX website services through the following link:

3- DELTA group:

The website is the most popular in Turkey real estate sites. The site has its own projects in Istanbul, as well as many other Turkish cities, such as the delta deluxe Istanbul project. On the site, the possibility of using foreign language for searching real estate on it is available.

You can learn more about DELTA services through the following link:

4- The Turkish website SAHIBINDEN:

Sabenden is a Turkish website for selling, buying, and renting movables and real estate. The site also has a platform to offer and request professions and jobs. It is characterized by the fact that it includes the sale and purchase of real estate, cars, cell phones, and computers, and all the movables that can be bought, sold, and rented, and the site is receiving great demand around the world. This makes it a site of a wide range of services among Turkey real estate sites.

You can learn about the services of the Turkish Sabinden website through the following link:

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