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Ibn haldun University Turkey is a newly established university, which was established in the year 2017, and officially opened its gates on the academic year 2017-2018 with 215 undergraduates, (150 from Turkey and 65 foreigners)! Ibn Haldun University’s (IHU) motto is Intellectual Independence.


More than 250 graduate students also enrolled in various IHU departments, in addition to 100 students from over forty countries who are already pursuing their studies in the Department of Civilization Studies within the framework of the Alliance of Civilizations Institute, and more than a hundred academics are lecturing across eleven different departments in six schools.

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Languages ​​of instruction at the university, and language courses:

The language of instruction at Ibn Khaldun University Turkey is Turkish, Arabic and English, and English predominates between the three languages in university departments. Which requires at least a C1 level of fluency. In addition, all students must graduate at least with a B2 level in both Turkish and Arabic languages. Without forgetting to mention that the university offers a number of courses in various languages ​​such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Malay and Mandarin.

IHU also offers a special Honors Program, as well as diverse extracurricular or club activities in art, sports or travel, which are administered by the Health, Culture and Sports Department (SKS) under the General Secretary’s office.

Students have the opportunity to obtain further IHU-supported language training in the UK or the US And the higher the student learning capacity of new languages, the more opportunities there will be for him to learn new languages ​​supported by the university.

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Departments and Faculties at Ibn haldun University Turkey:

  • law School:

Department of Law.

  • Faculty of Media & Communication:

Department of Media and Communication (in English).

  • College of Islamic Sciences:

Department of Islamic Sciences (30% in English).

  • Faculty of Educational Sciences:

Department of Guidance and Psychological Counselling (in English).

  • College of Human and Community Sciences:

Department of Psychology (in English).

Department of Sociology (in English).

Department of Philosophy (in English).

Department of Economy (in English).

Department of Business Administration (in English).

Department of History (in English).

Department of Political Science and International Relations (in English).


  • The Alliance of Civilizations Institute.
  • Institute of Educational Sciences.
  • Institute of Social Sciences.

Postgraduate Studies:

  • Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​for Postgraduate Studies.

Some of the university’s features:

  • Ibn Haldun University Turkey is distinguished by providing a large number of scholarships, especially in the first academic year.
  • Its location is in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul, which is an area full of foreigners.
  • Sending outstanding students to learn English in the United States, at the university’s expense.
  • Comparative approach is a unique and genuine feature of Ibn Haldun University. The comparative approach of education is to be aware of the accumulation of the civilization that we belong to, recognize the scientific, cultural and artistic accumulation of world civilizations.
  • provide its graduates the ability to use the scientific traditions, methods and concepts related to eastern and western civilizations within the context of its mission of becoming a research university
  • One of the unique features of Ibn Haldun University is that the students find themselves in an intense international student environment where they can speak the language they learn.
  • availability of Application and Research Center (TÖMER).
  • IHU strengthens the identity of the “world university” with its international networks and cooperation agreements.
  • consists of more than 30 percent of international students in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Ibn Haldun University Turkey provides housing for male and female students.

Application to the university is made through the university’s website: the website

University’ location on on Google maps: Location

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