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Humanitarian residence or humanitarian asylum Turkey, as it is called, is a type of residence that gives protection to people who can no longer stay in their homeland for certain reasons mentioned in the United Nations Convention that was concluded in Geneva in 1951 and signed by 130 countries, and which Turkey was among the signatory countries. That is why Turkey must implement the provisions of the agreement on humanitarian asylum as long as the person seeking asylum shows reasonable reasons that are present in the conditions for obtaining residency or humanitarian asylum Turkey.

Recognize with us about the conditions for obtaining humanitarian residency or asylum Turkey and the advantages that Turkey gives to those who have it.

The Conditions for obtaining humanitarian residency or the reasons for humanitarian asylum Turkey:

The 1951 Geneva Convention stipulated conditions that must be met by a humanitarian refugee, such as:

  • The refugee does not enjoy protection in his country because of the ongoing wars in it, his insecurity, and his refusal to participate in the war because of his inability to kill a person, and because of fear of being tortured and killed himself and/ or his family.
  • Asylum is also granted to the sick person with a chronic life-threatening disease that has no treatment except in the country of asylum.
  • The reunification of family and relatives, meaning that a request for humanitarian residency can be submitted for reunification with a relative residing in Turkey and wishing to live with him, whether an ordinary relative, husband, wife, or children.
  • When the refugee is already outside his country and can then apply for humanitarian asylum at the airport in Turkey or upon arrival to Turkey from any of the asylum centers, which are spread throughout Turkey, and we will explain to you the steps for obtaining humanitarian residency in detail.

And this convention required the signatory and ratifying countries to grant a person the human right of asylum as long as his reasons are among the reasons mentioned in the agreement.

Steps to obtain asylum Turkey request:

  • Going to any security office, then to the department of Humanitarian Residency (Humanitarian Residency), and there are people available for you to understand your language.
  • Mention the reasons for wanting asylum Turkey in detail in the application submitting for residency.

And there is an optional clause stating your desire if you want to return to your homeland when conditions improve in it, that means, Turkey does not compel the humanitarian resident to return to his country when conditions are improved unless he chooses to do so from his own free will.

  • The case will be studied for a period of time, sometimes 6 months, and after that, approval or rejection will be answered based on the reasons mentioned.
  • Humanitarian residence procedures do not require medical insurance like other residencies, and they do not have financial fees, and they can be extracted even if your entry visa to Turkey expires.

The advantages that a humanitarian resident/ Asylum Turkey gets:

By obtaining a humanitarian asylum Turkey, you can obtain many of the advantages stipulated in Turkish law, such as:

  • The right to treatment in Turkish governmental hospitals with reduced annual fees. You can check how to book an appointment in these hospitals here
  • Obtaining many humanitarian aids, such as a monthly pension intended for refugees.
  • Obtaining an “identity card” (as an owner) organized by the Immigration Department of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, With the identification card, a person can live his life easily, such as applying for his children to Turkish governmental schools, open bank account, helping to obtain work permits, especially for doctors, organizing rent contracts, and recording hours of electricity, water and gas.
  • The humane resident/ asylum Turkey has the right to travel within the borders of Turkey, but for traveling outside the Turkish Republic in the first 6 months after obtaining the humanitarian residency, the residency is forfeited,

In the case of travel, it is also required that the travel should not be to his country of origin, otherwise the residency will be withdrawn immediately upon seeing the country’s stamp in the passport.

The Turkish government grants job opportunities to medical equivalents residing in Turkey. It also grants job opportunities for certain hours for the students.

Sometimes it grants permanent residence to the investors who provide Turkey with good additions in the field of investment.

  • The Turkish government provides shelters for the incapable of humanitarian refugees.
  • Total confidentiality, it is known that the information and fingerprints of the refugees are not disclosed to any party whatsoever.

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