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To know how to rent a flat in Istanbul easily is essential in the case of tourism, studying, or even residing in Turkey. Renting a flat in Turkey becomes difficult when you are coming with the purpose of residence or tourism especially Istanbul because it is the most attractive city for tourists as it is full of too many things to do and a lot of historical places that tourists are interested in visiting, and the number of the residents increase in it day after day.

The obstacle of the language can cause difficulty in renting a house, as well.  In addition, the Turkish people do not like renting their flats to the non–Turkish foreigners as they prefer the Turkish tenants over any other nationalities

To know how to rent a flat in Istanbul easily, there is a website that facilitates a lot of these difficulties and obstacles. We will introduce you to this Turkish website in this article, and what are its advantages and how to rent a flat or buy a flat by using it in an easy way

Sahibinden website:

It is a Turkish website that is used as a platform for supply and demand starting from home furniture, cars, and flats for sale or rent, all the way to jobs and professions and other exhibits. We will specifically talk here about how to rent a flat in Istanbul and how to use the website for this purpose.

How to use sahibinden website:

When you go to Google search engine and enter the sahibinden website the main page of the website will appear for you

You will choose (emlak) option


Then choose (konut) and then decide if you are looking for a house to rent (kiralik) or to buy (satilik)

You choose (kiralik) then (daire) which means flat, and you can choose a villa, cottage, duplex or any kind of house you are looking for.

By choosing (filtrele) you can set the price of the flat, set the number of rooms you want in the flat, the age of the building you will live in and the number of the floor you want.

You can also choose the area you want to rent the house in by  Going to (filtrele) and choose ( adres bilgileri) and choose the area that you want to live in

With that, you can get all the information and photos of the available flats for rent and even the contact numbers of landlords so that you can contact them directly. This is the easiest way to rent a flat in Istanbul in an easy way and reach the flat you want.

You can, of course, check the flat that you chose before paying for it because it can be a mess or there might be a lot of problems with it so you must make sure that it has everything you want and that there are no problems that can affect you in the future. In case it does not match the description or the photos there is always the option that you can leave it and search for another flat or you can negotiate the repair price with the landlord and remove the repair cost from the rent price, or you can just offer a lower price for the flat if you want it.

The price of the rent will increase or decrease according to the furniture and appliances in the flat, you can discuss the payment method with the owner if you have any problems with the conditions the owner offered and come to a decision that you both can agree on.

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