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Since turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world and people come for many purposes to this beautiful country that recently the purpose of living in turkey became the most dominant purpose for visitors, these people have in common the need of buying or renting a house which will require you to pay for the basic utilities such as water, if you have moved to live in Turkey, and you rent or bought a house, you must transfer Water bill in Turkey and register it in your name.

This step is very important, as by transferring the water bill in your name, you will be sure that there are no bills to pay that the tenant or the owner who preceded you did not pay it.

The required papers for the Water bill in Turkey:

You must visit the water institution in the municipality in which you live based on the location of your house and you can find the address of the right office for you from the official website of the national water company ISKI here, and apply to open a water meter, bringing with you the necessary documents, which are:

1- A copy of your residence permit, work permit, and your passport as a form of identification.

2- An old bill or a copy of the water meter or the meter number.

3- Lease contract or title deed (TAPU) in Turkey.

4- The document of the DASK which is obtained from the property owner.



Insurance for the Water bill in Turkey:

After submitting the application and conducting the official counter opening transaction, you pay an amount of (55) Turkish liras as a pre-deposit,

After completing all the required procedures, the competent employee will install the meter, open the water, and deliver it to your home

After 30 days, you will receive the first water bill in your name.

It is worth noting that: If you do not receive the Water bill in Turkey receipt on time, you should not postpone the payment in order to prevent the accumulation of dues,

Rather, the last receipt must be taken to the company so that they could review it to make sure that things are in order, and to avoid the price of the bill from doubling due to the delay in payment, make sure that you pay the bills on time because late payments cause you to pay fines, receiver warnings or the company might cut off the water.

Price per cubic meter of water:

As for the price of a cubic meter of water in Turkey, it is 2.57 Turkish liras, to which a small percentage is added as a sewage allowance in some areas, a cleaning fee, a consumption tax, and other fees.

The payment method of the Water bill in Turkey:

First method:

Payment via Turkish Post Branches PPT

Second method:

Paying through the bank in which you have an account. You just give them the receipt of the bill and they deduct it from your account.

Third method:

Paying through one of the bill payments shops which are shops available in all regions of Turkey, just ask for the nearest shop to pay the bills and when you arrive give the employee the bill and he will give you the payment receipt for a fee of 1 Turkish Lira added to the original bill value.

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