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Many young people ask about how to find a job in Turkey; and before mentioning the conditions and requirements for this, we must clarify that the phenomenon of employment that is happening in Turkey is a recent phenomenon that we are not used to, until relatively recent time. About 20 years ago, the Turkish economy was facing a lot of problems and it was not suitable for employing the Turkish people themselves due to the difficult economic conditions that the country was going through at that time, but with the recent development of the economy, it began to offer jobs to a large number of Turkish workers and even to foreign workers.

But because of the pressure after the events that happened in Syria and Iraq the employment of large numbers of them in Turkey increased, the labor market could not handle foreign workers in a manner equal to the demand for them. Therefore, the work environment in Turkey developed became certain conditions that if not available, then job opportunities in Turkey will become very difficult and so is the question of how to find a job in Turkey.

Conditions for how to find a job in Turkey:

  • The first thing to make sure of in order to know how to find a job in Turkey is essential that you have knowledge of the Turkish language, the greater the knowledge of the language, the greater the chance of getting a better job opportunity.
  • Proficiency in the Turkish language will prepare you to work as a translator from Turkish to Arabic, and if you also master the English language, you will increase your chance to work as a translator and there is also a lot of corporations that offer jobs for multilingual people and you can work in sales, management, receptionist and in marketing so as a lot of hotels that have a lot of tourists and foreigners also require people that are multilingual.
  • Your proficiency in the teaching profession allows you to work as a teacher in one of the schools in Turkey and you can give private language tutoring lessons.
  • Your proficiency in the profession of doctor or pharmacist qualifies you to work in one of the clinics and pharmacies in Turkey.
  • Experience in the field of real estate investments, whether in buying or selling real estate, as the state granted great facilities in this field.
  • Owning a suitable amount of money in order to create your own business in Turkey, such as a grocery store, restaurant, or another projects greater than that, according to your own financial ability, provided that it is not less than 20 thousand dollars, and this is due to the high taxes, fees and bills collected, and in the condition that sufficient money is available, there must be a previous experience and study of the market so that you can be able to market well, but the option of working independently is only available if you have been living in turkey legally for many years and you have an independent work permit.
  • Experience in exporting Turkish products, and choosing the best market for export.
  • Prepare a good and valuable CV that contains real information about you and your contact information in case you get accepted, to make it easier for the employer to contact you and send it to job sites that can offer you a lot of different job opportunities that can help you in finding the perfect job for you that matches your financial needs, your education, your work experiences, age, and all your qualification

There are a lot of job sites links , such as:

After you knew how to find a job in Turkey, then you should know how to get a work permit in Turkey in that article

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