7 Valuable Points to Know on How to Choose University in Turkey

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Many students wish to study in Turkey are confused about how to choose university in Turkey. This is due to the large number of Turkish universities available to students and the quality of study in them. All Turkish cities have universities, institutes and colleges in various disciplines. We would like in this article on your site “Turkey for the Expats” to answer the questions that most of the students applying to study at a University in Turkey get. We will also show you how to choose university in Turkey and be sure it is the appropriate university for you? Let’s get to know all about it in the following article.

How to choose university in Turkey?

The answer to this question is determined by specifying several points for the student applying to study in Turkey. It starts with making a comparison between different universities and choosing the most suitable for your preferences and your personality so that you can choose the appropriate university in Turkey. The points of this comparison are as follows:

  • University website.
  • The language of study at the university.
  • Specializations available at the university.
  • Campus.
  • The educational environment.
  • University activities.
  • University cost and scholarships.

Let’s look into each of them in detail:

University website:

As we mentioned before that all Turkish cities have universities with faculties in various academic disciplines. For this, you have to specify the city you want to study in first. Then, looking at the university’s location in this city, is it appropriate and easy to reach through the means of transportation available in the city? Is the cost of living in this city convenient for you? You can get to know the cost of living at different Turkish cities through our website.

You can follow this link to get to know different information regarding Turkish universities: https://www.studyinturkey.gov.tr/

Study language:

Turkish universities include many different study languages, including English, Turkish, German, French, Arabic and other languages. Each university determines its own language of study, and usually the language of study varies from one major to another within the same university. For this, you should first review the website of each university you will enroll in, and get to know the study languages ​​available in them and whether they are suitable for your language ability or not. This is very crucial to help you figure out how to choose university in Turkey.

It’s very important to note that universities conduct a language test before the start date of the study to know your level in this language, and whether you will require a preparatory year in the language, or can you join directly.

Specializations available within the university:

Through the website of each university, you can learn about the available majors, as well as the language of study in each major, and then you can choose the appropriate major for you. This is a very important on learning how to choose university in Turkey.

University size and campus:

Most of the famous Turkish universities have a large and open campus. This is one of the favorite and important things for some students, and some students do not care about this matter preferring small or medium universities, so you must determine what suits your personality.

Educational environment:

Getting acquainted with the educational activities of the university and its academic staff will help you to know the extent to which the university provides strong practical training or not. This represents an element of differentiation for students, as strong practical training will help to gain strong experiences during the study period, which will save the student the trouble of searching for it after completing his studies, and facilitate his search for a suitable job opportunity upon completion of his studies.

University activities:

If you are a person who is good at a sport or have an artistic talent, or a lover of social activities, you should choose to study in one of the Turkish universities that provides its students with a university activity to enjoy these hobbies throughout the years of university studies in Turkey. It is a very important thing to consider when thinking about how to choose university in Turkey.

Cost and Scholarships:

It must be known through the website of each university the fees required for each of the departments separately. Usually, the fees for studying medical specialties (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) are higher than the rest of the university faculties. Click here to see our article regarding cost of studying in Turkey.

You can also seek discounts and partial scholarships by contacting one of the educational services offices that are agents of many Turkish universities and provide partial scholarships and good discounts for students such as Okay Tamam, follow this link: https://oktamam.com/en/

Do you have any questions regarding how to choose university in Turkey? Tell us in the comments!

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