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Booking a hospital appointment Turkey can now be easily done for residents and foreigners in Turkey nowadays. As the need for hospitals and treatment arises daily with the increasing number of residents in Turkey who can choose between private and government hospitals, each has its own advantages.

Treatment in Turkish government hospitals is an advanced technical treatment, as Turkey is taking confident steps in this field as an attempt for progress and of course, for developing government hospitals to compete with expensive private hospitals.

And if you would want to have treatment in a governmental hospital, you should often make an appointment online before you go in case you do not want to wait in a long queue with patients for a long period of time.

In this article, we will talk about how to schedule a medical appointment in different Turkish government hospitals.

Methods to schedule an appointment in government hospitals:

There are several ways to schedule an appointment in advance at one of the Turkish hospitals, but the easiest one is through the website launched by the Turkish Ministry of Health:

Once you click the above link, you can change the site language to one of the languages shown in the home screen as shown in the following screen.

The First method to booking HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT TURKEY:

Log in to the website and make an appointment simply by selecting the state by clicking on its name on the map available on the website, and then, choose the hospital and specialty and choose one of the available appointment dates.

The Ministry of Health added recently an Arabic language option among other languages ​​on the Turkish hospitals official appointment booking website, which made it easier for foreigners to use the website and book appointments.


This method is a bit easier, which is calling number (182) and scheduling an appointment with an employee. The issue with that method is that it requires speaking Turkish in order to communicate with the employee. This method will not be helpful for non-Turkish speaker.


This method is the most conventional and basic one. You go with the usual way of heading early to the nearest government hospital, where you can make an appointment in the same day, but this method will make you wait a long time for your turn (it depends on the number of patients waiting and the type of specialty). This method also will not be much helpful as the required specialist might not be available in that time.

The website visitor must carefully enter simple data, such as:

·         Kimlik number or residence number, first name and surname.

·         the residency address.

·         Email for communication.

After that, the website transfers the visitor to an interface to search for a suitable clinic for his/her health problem in one of the hospitals.

And after making the appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email entered by the visitor in the registration, and when he goes to the hospital, he informs the hospital’s desk clerk that he has a reservation on the same day in the hospital. The reviewer then gives you a barcode that includes all the required information including the patient’s provided details, which must be kept in order to be able to check your file and the results of tests and the treatment given to you. This can be considered as an automated medical archive for the patient. This was a brief description of how to book hospital appointment Turkey.

The website team hopes that you have benefited from this article (HOW TO BOOK A HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT TURKEY), and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

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