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The Turkish Ministry of Health has launched a new free smartphone application available on “APP STORE”, “Google Play”, HES code and mobile application the title of this application is Hayat Eve Sığar, and in English, the “Home Expands Life” application, this application provides multiple services for Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey on It also allows them to monitor their health status and inquire about the symptoms of the Coronavirus, along with many other services. Learn about them through this article on your site “Turkey for Expats”.

The “Home Expands Life” application:

The idea of the application came within the efforts made by the Turkish Ministry of Health to limit the spread of the Corona virus in Turkey after the number of cases of the disease increased, and the number of infections in Turkey reached 86,306 cases after 3,977 new infections were recorded, and the number of deaths reached 2,017 deaths, after 127 deaths were recorded. A new death.

Through this application, the Turkish Ministry of Health was able to exploit the country’s technological capabilities to provide services to citizens.

You can see the link for the “Home Expands Life” app from here:


“Home Expands Life” app

What are the services provided by the “Home Expands Life” hes code and mobile application?

1- Sending notifications to clarify the level of risk in the environment surrounding the user of the application, and this is to help in staying away from dangerous places.

2- Presenting the data and numbers of infections in Turkey first-hand, as well as the numbers of daily tests that the Ministry of Health conducts to discover infections with the Coronavirus in Turkey.

3- Helping to conduct a daily test to check on the health status of the application user in terms of infection or non-infection with the Coronavirus by presenting some questions to the application user and through the answers, the health status is recognized and answers are sent to the specialist doctor if necessary.

4- Knowing the map of hospitals, pharmacies, stores and bus stops near the location of the application user.

5- Follow up on the status of the family and relatives by entering their data into the application’s user account; And this after obtaining prior permission from them to do so.

6- It allows citizens to obtain free masks from pharmacies by a code sent to the phone that downloads the application.

The Turkish Ministry of Health intends to add other additional services to the “Home Expands Life” application. This is to help citizens protect themselves from the risks of contracting the Coronavirus.

Below you can find the Q&As about the HES code and mobile application:

1. What is ‘HES code’?

The HES code and mobile application have been put into place by the Turkish Ministry of Health to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the scope of the “Hayat Eve Sığar” campaign, every Turkish citizen or foriegner who will travel within Turkey needs to provide a HES code for traveling purposes. The HES code will be obtained for a certain period of time upon request.

2. Why is it necessary and for whom?

While traveling, providing a HES code is mandatory to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the wellbeing of the Turkish society. It is a requirement for all Turkish citizens or foreigners who travel within Turkey. It is not mandatory to obtain a HES code for infants. The code can be obtained from HES code and mobile application.

3. How can I create my own HES code?

HES codes can be obtained from the “Hayat Eve Sığar” HES code and mobile application or via sending an SMS to 2023 with a message consisting of the following information subsequently: “<HES>blank <Your Turkish ID number> blank <The last 4 digits of your Turkish ID Serial Number>blank<the number of the days you need the HES code for>.”

You can find the example for the short message to receive your HES code below:

2023: “HES 12345678901 1232 45”

4. Is there a requirement regarding the validity period of the HES code?

Yes. Please note that the HES code has to be valid until the flight date. The HES code must be created accordingly.

5. Can I obtain a new HES code if it expires?

Yes, the user can create a new HES code at any time by following the same steps when the HES code expires through HES code and mobile application.

6. Is it mandatory to provide my HES code for all of your flights?

This is currently mandatory for all of our domestic flights within Turkey. In case of any updates, we advise you to follow up on our announcements made from our communication channels.

7. Is it mandatory to provide my HES code for the domestic flights with connecting international flights?

No. It is not mandatory at the moment for the domestic flights with connecting international flights. In case of any updates, we advise you to follow up on our announcements from our communication channels.

8. Can I buy a ticket without entering my HES code?

No. According to the latest regulation issued by the Turkish Ministry of Interior, you should provide your HES code during the booking process. Otherwise, due to the regulations, you will not be accepted on board the flight.

9. How can I know whether I will be accepted on board before my flight?

The HES code and mobile application will carry out daily status checks 14 days prior to the flight. If we detect any changes with your status, we will inform you immediately.

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