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Istanbul Kültür University was established through endowment funds for Cultural Education in 1997 by the founder Fahamettin Akıngüç who holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and worked as an engineer and contractor after graduating from Istanbul Technical University.

Kültür University has many appeals as the university is located on the European side of Istanbul near the central area close to Ataturk Airport.

Istanbul Kültür University is considered a public corporate entity, and it is a private university recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council.

Kültür University is one of the best private universities in Turkey. It was established with academic success and quality education being the pillars of the whole institution, and the faculty aims to remain within the framework of academic excellence at an exceptional level internationally.

Among what distinguishes Istanbul Kültür University:

  • Kültür University has more than 16 thousand students from different parts of the world.
  • Kültür University is located on the European side of Istanbul, about 3 minutes from the metro station, and about 15 minutes from Ataturk Airport.
  • Kültür University has more than 80 programs for international cooperation in the service of scientific and academic progress.
  • Kültür University has academic agreements and student exchange programs in several countries, most notably the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America and many Asian countries.
  • There are more than 45 majors at Istanbul Kültür University and 46 postgraduate studies programs (Masters and PhD).
  • Kültür University’s library contains more than 27 thousand paper books in addition to 32 thousand electronic books and more than 40 thousand electronic magazines.
  • Kültür University’s campus contains many services, including restaurants and cafeterias.
  • Kültür University is well known for its status and quality among the European Union and the Middle East.
  • There is a large number of Arab students at Istanbul Kültür University.

Available majors for undergraduates at Istanbul Kültür University:

Tuition after DiscountTuition before DiscountLanguage of InstructionYears of Study    Major or department
4.653$4.950$English4Teaching Foreign Languages
4.653$4.950$English4Civil Engineering
4.653$4.950$English4Electrical and Electronic Engineering
4.653$4.950$English4Industrial Engineering
4.653$4.950$English4Computer Engineering
4.653$4.950$English4English Language and Literature
4.653$4.950$English4International Relations
4.653$4.950$English4International Trade
4.653$4.950$English4Interior and Eco design
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Primary Education
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Civil Engineering
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Interior and Eco design
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Turkish Language and Literature
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Communication Management
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Cinema and Television
3.995$  4.250$Turkish4.Communication systems and new media
3.995$  4.250$Turkish4Modern Media and Communication Systems
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Cartoon and Animation
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Business Administration
3.995$4.250$Turkish4International Trade
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Mathematics and Computers
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Genetics and Molecular Science
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Physical therapy and Rehabilitation
3.995$  4.250$Turkish4Nutrition and Dietetics
3.995$4.250$Turkish4Communication Design
6.715$6.715$Turkish4Law School
2.550$    2.900$Turkish2Two-year specialties  (Diplomas)

Housing at Istanbul Kültür University:

Istanbul Kültür University’s housing accommodations are for males. The rooms of the dormitories at Istanbul Kültür University are spacious and comfortable, each room contains beds, study tables, wardrobes, a small refrigerator, and a separate bathroom.

The residence at the Istanbul Kültür University dormitories includes access to entertainment rooms, study rooms, a library, a drawing room, a health and psychological clinic, and a free laundry and ironing room. The housing also offers optional breakfast and dinner meals. Istanbul Kültür University provides security personnel and surveillance devices in public places in and around the residence.



Students enter their dormitories using ID cards, and their curfew is at midnight on weekdays, except for holidays.

The residence at Istanbul Kültür University is a few minutes away from the university and 10 minutes from Ataturk Airport by car. It directly overlooks the metro bus station and is a 10-minute walk to the metro station.

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