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Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of public schools Turkey is important for families residing in Turkey with middle income usually look for a good level of education for their children.

Public schools Turkey are totally free of charge and teach in the Turkish language for all government curricula and only accept an average level in the Turkish language as a condition to join these schools in order to facilitate the student understanding and comprehending the teachers ’explanation. Let’s get to know the education in public schools Turkey in detail through this article in detail.

Education departments in public schools Turkey:

  • Primary schools “ilk okulu”:

It starts from the first grade to the fourth grade of primary school.

  • Middle school “orta okulu”:

The duration of education is 4 years.

  • High school (baccalaureate) “lise”

High school in Turkey is divided into four types:

High School of Science, High School of Social Sciences, Anatolia High School, Anatolian High School for Technical and Vocational Education.

The duration of education in each type is 4 years. However, some high schools in public schools Turkey add a preparatory year for the university.

Science High School: It is the best for students who prefer scientific studies such as physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and biology, and the university admission rate for its students reaches more than 75%.

Social Sciences High School: It includes literary and social sciences, and the university admission rate reaches 75%.

Anatolia High School: It is the most widespread public school Turkey and is divided into four departments, each department specializes in specific classes, and it is a mixture of literary and scientific classes and different languages, in which the student chooses his department in the tenth grade, but one of its disadvantages is that the university admission rate for its students is low; about 50 % Due to its low success rate.

Technical and vocational education schools: They are subsidiary to Anatolian High School, which works to prepare students to enter the vocational and technical field. The duration of education is 4 years, after which the student obtains a craft teacher document and a license to open a workplace, and he can easily enter college in his specialization.

Required papers when applying to study in public schools Turkey:

• The “Kamlik” document, which is a temporary document issued by the Turkish authorities to foreigners, in which the person’s data and residence address are listed.

Also, a tourist residency can be presented as an alternative to “Kamlik”. However, combining “Kamlik” with a tourist residency is an illegal act.

• The father’s passport, translated and certified.

• A lease contract with your residential address in order to locate the school closest to your home, or an electricity or gas bill in your name.

• In the case of wanting to complete the education, other papers must be submitted, such as certificates of your son’s completion of the previous grade in his old school in his country, and if the certificates are not available, a test is conducted to identify the student’s level of education, in order to register the student in the appropriate grade for him and his age.

• In the case of wanting to join the baccalaureate (public high school), a certificate equivalent to the previous certificate is required, and an external test must be taken in the various sciences that you previously studied.

Steps to apply for public schools Turkey

After preparing the required papers and their copies, you can go to the governor and bring a form from the town hall to fill it in with data such as the number of family members, the number of rooms in the house, and other data.

Go to the Ministry of Education in the governorate in which you live taking the previous form with you, and they will enter the data on the system and set an appointment from one week to 10 days to locate the school closest to your residential address.

Go to the chosen school without taking any papers, and you will find the student’s data registered there. You can then identify the school uniform which is available in the stores dedicated to selling school uniforms, and then if you wish, you can book a place on school buses or private taxis for the student.

Advantages and disadvantages of education in public schools Turkey

The Advantages of Public schools Turkey:

• The education is free of charge, so the family will not bear additional costs.

• The education is in Turkish language, which is an opportunity for the student to learn and master the language, by socializing with colleagues and teachers, but at first an average knowledge of the language is required for admission and for the student to understand his lessons.

• public schools are scattered all over the Turkish Republic.

The Disadvantages of public schools Turkey:

• It does not focus on other languages, especially English – there is a weak curriculum in the English language – and Arabic language, as the curriculum depends essentially on the Turkish language.

• A minimum knowledge of the Turkish language is required, but most schools accept students even if they do not speak Turkish.

• The level of education is medium.

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