If you want to live in Turkey then you should be familiar with Turkey residence permit and its types as Turkish law stipulates that foreigners arriving in Turkey must have some kind of residence in Turkey provided that their visa in Turkey is longer than 90 days and their stay in Turkey is longer than the period of the visa. Stay in Turkey for a variety of types is divided according to the purpose of accommodation, whether tourism, business, study-related, an asylum for Turkey, or others. You can follow us to know more about the types of residences in Turkey, and how to apply for a turkey residence permit, and the conditions for obtaining it.


  • Tourist residency, and you can get the details that you need in this article:

Details of how to get a tourist  Turkey residence permit

  • Real estate Turkey residence permit, you can get the details that you need in this article:

Easy steps to get a real estate Turkey residence permit

  • A family stay, you can get the details that you want about Family Turkey residence permit in this article:

The main steps to get a family Turkey residence permit

  • Employment Turkey residence permit, details of which are found in this article:

How to obtain a work Turkey residence permit

  • Student residence.
  • Short term residency.
  • Humanitarian residence (establishing a humanitarian asylum for Turkey), and details about it can be found in this article:

Human residence or asylum in Turkey

  • Residence for victims of human trafficking.


The applications for Turkey residence permit are submitted to the Turkish consulates in your country of nationality or country of legal residence, and the residency, and are broadcast on applications for residence either by acceptance or rejection within 90 days of application submission. You can even apply for the visa online through the official website

After getting the Turkey residence permit, registration must be done within a maximum of 20 days from the date of entry into Turkey.

There are applications that can be applied for getting it while being inside the Turkish Republic, which are exceptional cases and apply for residence in the administration of the Turkish provinces, and these cases are as follows:

  • The cases in which Turkish judicial and administrative authorities have decided on the possibility of obtaining residence from inside Turkey.
  • The cases in which the foreigner cannot leave Turkey.
  • The cases of student residence permits.
  • Residence permits for humanitarian purposes.
  • Residence permits for victims of human trafficking.
  • Long-term residency permits.
  • In the case of you are moving from a long-term residence permit to a short-term residence permit (family residence to any short-term residence).
  • Residence permits are provided by the mother or father who obtained residence permits in Turkey for that their children were born in Turkey.
  • Switching on the current residence permit to another type (student residence to work residence).
  • The applications for extension of the current residence permit or renewal of residence must be submitted 60 days before the end or expiry of the current residence permit.

And for those whose residence permits in Turkey have expired, they must receive a free document from the governorate administrations, in order to be able to use  as an alternative to the residence permit until the new residence permit is issued.


  • The presence of a passport or document for replacing a passport with a passport or document of 60 days longer than the length of the residence permit that you have applied for.
  • The existence of adequate housing for public health and security or safety standards.


There are foreigners, according to Article (20) – 1 of the Turkish Law for Foreigners in Turkey to exempt them from obtaining a residence permit in the Turkish Republic, and they are as follows:

  • Those arriving with a visa period of not more than 90 days or less and their residence will not exceed the period of the visa.
  • Stateless people provided that this is proven in their identity document.
  • The foreign Turkish consular officials and diplomats and a document should be found to indicate the status of their work and be documented by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Those who were Declared by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the families of diplomats and consulates employees in Turkey and documents must be found to prove this.
  • Employees of the branches of international organizations in Turkey, with documents indicating their employment status and being certified by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Exempted from the residence permit under the agreements that Turkey is a party to with other countries or states.

Important Notes:

  • The Turkey residence permit is considered invalid if it is not used within 6 months of its issuance.
  • The business permit is considered as a residence permit, in accordance with Article (10) of Law (4816) and dated 2/27/2003, and residence permit fees shall be charged equivalent to the duration of the same business permit.

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