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You can find Istanbul airport assistance in the new Istanbul airport. The new airport is a jewel that shines in the city of Istanbul in Turkey, and a civilized reflection of Turkey’s pioneering role in the field of transportation, and the airport was designed according to the latest logistical specifications that are rarely available in other airports in the world. And the new Istanbul airport has the highest levels of luxury and comfort, such as rest places for travelers, cinemas, libraries, suites, and waiting rooms so that the waiting experience at Istanbul’s new airport becomes comparable to the pleasure of staying in luxury five-star hotels.

And among the services provided in Istanbul airport also is the special Istanbul airport assistance service for the elderly, children, patients such as accompanying and helping them for free. This service is important especially for foriegners and non-Turks.

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Free special assistance service at Istanbul’s new airport:

And the Istanbul airport assistance is called in Turkish language: “ÖZEL HİZMET NOKTASI”

This distinctive service is provided free of charge to:

  • Elderly people
  • Children who travel alone and cannot handle stuff on their own at airports.
  • The patients.

As Istanbul airport assistance service provides them the waiting in places designated for them until the accompanying employee completes the procedures and papers related to travel and weighing bags and luggage, as well as providing an electric wheelchair if necessary.

How to get to the special assistance service at the new Istanbul airport?

  1. If you are coming to the airport by private car, you can stop in front of Entrance 3 in the departure hall. And if you are coming by bus, you can stop in front of any entrance and look for the boarding G, where the Istanbul airport assistance service is designated.

After arriving at the boarding G, you will hand over the passport of the person traveling only and request the Istanbul airport special assistance service and it is called in the Turkish language “ÖZEL HİZMET NOKTASI” then wait in the designated places and seats.

Note: You are only entitled to present a passport to your father, mother or children.

After a short period of time, a person from the Istanbul airport assistance service will announce the name of the owner of the presented passport, and this person is a responsible employee for completing the procedures for the traveler while he is waiting, and you will find that he has made reservations, made the boarding, and sent bags and luggage to be weighted. And he will be waiting for the passenger to walk him to stamp the passport and then to the door of the plane, they can also provide an electric wheelchair service if required.

This service will save the traveler from the hassle of standing in long queues through an express private entrance.

So now we can conclude that Istanbul airport provides the best and perfect assistance service to its clients from children to patients to elderly people. Besides all the services that we can find in the airport that will make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel.

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