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The Turkish scholarship program is a free scholarship in Turkey for international students. It is a free study program offered by the Turkish government to foreign students and includes several programs for the bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and research grant stages. It is considered one of the best international scholarship programs due to the qualification of many Turkish universities and their high ranking among the world’s universities in terms of the quality of the study. The acceptance rate of Turkish scholarships is somewhat high, as the Turkish government offers every year nearly 4,000 scholarships in various disciplines, let’s get to know everything about the free scholarship in Turkey for international students.

Free scholarship in Turkey for international students are offered in February and March of each year. After admission, letters are sent by e-mail to the accepted students during the month of May and June. The personal interview is conducted in the month of July of each year. The study begins in October, which gives opportunity to students to get their visas and organize their residency.

Advantages of admission to the Turkish scholarship program

  • The Turkish government scholarship qualifies you to study free of charge at one of the internationally recognized Turkish governmental universities, as the certificates granted by Turkish universities have become recognized worldwide.
  • Accommodation in free housing intended for students of Turkish public universities, and providing free meals.
  • Government medical insurance is granted, which allows you to receive free treatment in Turkish government hospitals, or private hospitals, with big discounts.
  • Providing the study of the Turkish language for a whole year for free in the best language study centers such as the Tomer Center. (click the link to go to our article on Tomer Turkish course)
  • Provide free airline tickets for students to come to study and return after the end of the study.
  • Discounts on transportation and entrance fees for museums and archaeological sites in Turkey.
  • Easily extract the student residence permit.
  • The Turkish government grants students’ monthly salaries that vary according to the stage, as follows:
  • For those studying at the baccalaureate level, 650 Turkish liras per month.
  • For those studying at the master’s level, 850 Turkish liras per month.
  • For those studying at the doctoral level, 1200 Turkish liras per month.
  • For students on a research grant, 3000 Turkish liras per month.

Most Turkish universities are available for registration for free scholarship in Turkey for international students, such as:

Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, Istanbul Universitesi, Adana Bilim Ve Teknoloji, Marmara Universitesi, Yalova Universitesi, Yildrim Beyazit Universitesi, and other Turkish universities.

Conditions for registration in the free scholarship in Turkey for international students

  • The age of the applicant for the undergraduate stage should not be more than 21 years. For the master’s stage, not more than 30 years. For the doctoral stage not more than 35 years. For the research grant not more than 45 years.
  • The student should not have been accepted at a Turkish university in the same academic year.
  • The student enrolled in the bachelor’s scholarship must be a graduate or about to graduate from high school.
  • For students wishing to apply, the pass rate must not be less than 70% for all scientific specialties, except for medical specialties such as the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, the success rate must not be less than 90%.
  • The health condition of the applicant does not prevent them from enrolling in the scholarship, so there is an accurate medical examination for students ’admission.

Choose the appropriate type of grant as there are many types of grants, some of which are specialized in the fields of medicine or engineering, and some are devoted to social sciences. Others are allocated to a group of specific countries such as African countries, to promote cultural communication and work on the development of Africa. Some of them are allocated to Gulf countries only, such as the Bosphorus grant.

The papers required to apply for the free scholarship in Turkey for international students for the undergraduate stage

  • Fill out the scholarship application online and create a personal account
  • A copy of a valid passport and original for viewing.
  • A copy of the student’s transcript.
  • A temporary document from the school in the event of non-completion of the high school stage. It should mention the-second-high school year grade, and that the student is enrolled in the third year of high school for this academic year. It is a temporary document until the high school certificate is obtained.
  • White background photos.
  • Student grades in any special program, such as TOEFL and IELTS, to enhance the award
  • Certificates of Turkish language levels or choosing to join a Turkish language study center, and the scholarship provides free study fees for a full year in one of the recognized educational centers such as the Tomer Institute.

Required papers to apply for the free scholarship in Turkey for international students for master’s and doctoral levels

  • Fill out the online application form and create a personal account.
  • A copy of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a document proving that the student is in the last year.
  • A copy of the passport or identity card and the original for viewing.
  • Transcripts of grades.
  • Recommendation letters from two university professors signed by name.
  • Personal photos of the student with a white background.
  • Attach a “Motivation Letter” to know your motivations for studying in Turkish universities.

You must be careful when choosing your preferences (10 for different universities). Choose the one that suits your academic capabilities in terms of your grades, the presence of a good Turkish language, and the presence of certificates such as TOEFL and others to enhance your enrollment in major universities so that you will not be rejected.

After the application, the files of the students applying for the free scholarship in Turkey for international students are evaluated by the committees for examining and sorting. No one knows the names of their members except on the day of the result. The committee prefers higher average grades and having certificates in study programs such as TOEFL and IELTS. The period for examination Files is from 2 to 4 months.

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