Fine for overstaying visa in turkey


Fine for overstaying visa in Turkey, If you are a visitor or resident in Turkey, you may exceed the allowed period of your stay for any circumstances, just make sure that the government will notice you because the immigration authorities register everyone that enters and leaves the country and record everything on their database including the people who overstay their permissible period in Turkey whether you did it on purpose or it was completely out of your hand, you will still face consequences such as paying a fine or getting banned from entering the country or you can even get immediately deported.

Get to know with us through this article on your website (turkey for expats) about the Fine for overstaying visa in Turkey, how you will act in this situation, and how you can get out of this problem legally, without any problems that can happen when you are leaving one of Turkey’s airports or if you come back to Turkey later again.

Permissible period of stay:

When you enter the Turkish territory, you will be able to stay in Turkey as a tourist for 90 days, based on the Law of 3206/2011, which was decided by the Council of Ministers in Turkey on the day of 1/2/2012, Foreigners who visit Turkey for tourism have the right to stay in Turkey for 90 days out of 180 days, for foreigners who want to stay longer than this period, they should apply for a residence permit.

Fine for overstaying visa in Turkey

Overstaying the allowed period for you causes visa violation, foreigners with visa violations will be exposed to administrative fines, in case the foreigner has a violated visa and staying illegally in Turkey he will be banned from entering the country for a period that ranges from 1 month to five years or he can be banned from entering turkey ever again but this case is very rare.

The amount of Fine for overstaying visa in Turkey applied on the foreigner varies from one foreigner to another according to his citizenship, the cause of his overstay.

To find out the number of fines imposed on a person who is late in leaving Turkey and his visa has expired, you can go to an office at the airport or the border gates named (Visa violation – Vıza Ihlali Ofisi). Through this office, you can pay the fines incurred by you, and the delay period should not exceed five days. Then you go to a booth that is opposite the office of (Visa Ihlali Ofisi), which specializes in paying fees and fines. Then you return to the (Visa violation) office, and the employee there will stamp the payment paper for you, which you will then give to the Passport Officer at the exit stamp. 

If the fine for overstaying visa in Turkey is not paid before leaving Turkey, you will be prevented from entering Turkey for five years. 



The duration of prohibition of entry according to the violations of foreigners:

  • Violation up to 3 months: Prohibition of entry for 3 months
  • Violation between 3 months – 6 months Prohibition of entry for 6 months
  • Violation between 6 months – 1 year Prohibition of entry for 1 year
  • Violation between 1 year – 2 years Prohibition of entry for 2 years
  • Violation more than 2 years Prohibition of entry for 5 years

In case your visa expires in Turkey you will have to go to the local police and request a visa extension and you can also change the traveling purpose in case you have a tourist visa and you want to work or study in Turkey, but you will have to fulfill the conditions required for the visa purpose you will apply for first in order for it to be accepted.

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