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It is important to know the ways to learn Turkish or any other language. To learn any new language, you must have a goal that you seek to learn it. Otherwise, you will lose the incentive to continue. For the Turkish language, and after the increasing demand for traveling to Turkey, it became available to have centers and teachers to teach the Turkish language in most countries, so if you are non- Turk, and planning next on traveling to Turkey, whether to study, to search for good job opportunities, or to reside in Turkey, it is necessary to learn the Turkish language and to know the best ways to learn the Turkish language.

The first ways to learn Turkish

Before traveling to Turkey

Before traveling to Turkey, we recommend that you start learning at least two levels of the Turkish language, which are 6 levels. The reason is to get acquainted with the language and to recognize words and phrases with which you can deal with the Turks during daily dealings during buying and selling, and when riding transportation and other daily dealings in Turkey.

Turks are among the peoples that cherish their language and prefer to speak with strangers even if they have knowledge of other languages.

10 ways to learn Turkish

1- Internet websites

There are many educational websites to teach the Turkish language via the Internet, including famous sites and channels in this field such as:

Dolingo :

Is one of the best ways to learn Turkish language which provides educational contents for the Turkish language in many different languages, and this is its official website:


Yunus Emra Scholarship :

The Yunus Institute offers a free scholarship every year and the study is online for a period of 5 months. The scholarship application is available from June to the end of December and it is available to all Arab countries and without any conditions, you can register directly for the scholarship through the link next one:


You Tube Channel:

You can use YouTube as one of the ways to learn Turkish by going to the following channel


You can start learning the language and recognizing many words in the Turkish language through these educational channels and websites, to help you when traveling and dealing with those around you

2- Turkish language teaching centers in your country:

In most countries, there are centers to teach the Turkish language to keep pace with the great demand for learning it from young people and students wishing to travel to Turkey.

You can start learning two levels of Turkish language levels in your country before traveling to Turkey. There are also private teacher groups available in most countries to teach the Turkish language.

Second: After traveling to Turkey

There are two ways to learn Turkish language learning

First method of the ways to learn Turkish:

If you are a student and intend to complete your education in a Turkish school or university, you will need to complete your studies of the Turkish language to help you understand the teachers’ explanation.

And you will find many centers to teach the Turkish language in Turkey, the most famous of which are:

TÖMER Center:

They are centers affiliated with Turkish universities and spread within universities in Turkey, and they are special for university students.

It is distinguished by the fact that the teachers there are Turkish and speak only the Turkish language.

Check the following article

ISMEK educational centers:

They are centers of the Turkish government, and they are not limited to teaching the Turkish language only,

But they teach many languages and crafts, playing musical instruments, embroidery arts, knitting and other useful activities. However, it does not have branches outside Istanbul, but there are centers in other names in Ankara, Bursa, and many Turkish provinces that provide similar services.

Halk Eğitim Merkezi Center:

And it is an educational center spread in all provinces of Turkey that provides its services for free to Turks and foreigners alike. Education at the center is not limited to studying the Turkish language only; Rather, it offers many courses in different activities such as teaching different professions and handicrafts., teaching playing musical instruments, teaching intelligence games (chess). The center also provides courses to teach many other languages.

And this is the address of some of the center’s branches:

  • Center branches in Istanbul :

Fatih Mah. Petrol Yolu Cad. No: 225 / A Sultanbeyli İstanbul

Göztepe mh. Şehit Mehmet Özcan Sk. No: 1 Bağcılar / İstanbul

Akşemseddin Mahallesi Vatan Caddesi No: 6

(Historia AVM yanı) Fatih- İstanbul

  • Halk Eğitim Merkezi branch in Ankara :

Başpınar Mah. 1234/1 Sok No: 13/23 D: 21/22 Siteler Ankara

  • Center branch in Bursa :

Osmangazi Mahallesi, Santral Garaj Mahallesi Ulubatlı Hasan Bulvarı

Merinos Atatürk Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi F Blok Osmangazi-Bursa

  • Center branch in Izmir:

Mithat Paşa Cad. Barbaros Mh. No123 35260 Karataş Konak- İzmir

The Halk Eğitim Merkezi Center is faulted for providing only two levels for learning the Turkish language, where the student can learn the principles of the Turkish language and complete his studies of the Turkish language in other centers spread in Turkey or through private lessons at the hands of teachers in Turkey,

The second ways to learn the Turkish language:

This method is preferred by many, which is to practice the language with the Turkish people of the country, through daily dealings with them and making friends, or by watching Turkish soap operas, as Turkish drama provides a huge amount of series at a good level that can be followed through YouTube and learn new words and phrases through it.

This method is criticized for not being suitable for students wishing to complete their studies in Turkey. Because this will require them to study extensively to get acquainted with the grammar of the language better through specialized language centers.

This method is suitable for residents in Turkey for the purpose of work, tourism or residence in Turkey.

Golden ways to learn Turkish easily

The first golden rule:

Learn Turkish phrases and memorize them instead of words, because you will need to use them in daily business in Turkey,

The second golden rule:

Always remember your goal is to learn the Turkish language, and the extent of your goal to learn it is to interact with Turkish society easily and get good job opportunities.

The third golden rule:

Patience, learning any language takes patience, effort, and practice to master it.

The fourth golden rule:

Do not give in to frustration and frustrated comments from those around, because a mistake is self-evident. Every success meets difficulties in the beginning, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

The fifth golden rule:

You should not be shy about mixing with the Turks, meeting them with a smile, greeting them, and talking to them in the Turkish language, as the Turks love those who speak to them in the same language, and it will benefit you to deal with them and you will be able to practice the language correctly with them.

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