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After the success of the idea of ​​applying electric scooter Turkey in the Asian part of Istanbul, specifically in the famous tourist area of ​​Kadikoy, the Turkish company “Marti” has expanded the range of applying the electric scooters in several areas in Istanbul, starting from Al Fatih district to Ortakoy region.

It is considered that the expansion has covered the largest historical area in Istanbul, and this idea has been invented by 3 partners in Turkey and was implemented for the first time in early March 2019 to solve the problem of transportation over short distances in the middle of traffic congestion in Istanbul, and after the idea was received with great success “Marti” company decided to expand it on a larger scale, the company is an international company that operates in the transportation sector in Istanbul, which is similar to UBER and other international transportation companies. Learn with us through this article about the application fees and the steps for using the electric scooter Turkey in detail.

Fees for applying electric scooter Turkey in Istanbul:

Fees for unlocking the electric scooter Turkey and starting the trip cost 3 Turkey liras.

And every minute costs 75 kuruş to use an electric scooter.

You will also get a free 10 Liras credit upon registering through the electric scooter app.

Detailed steps for using electric scooter Turkey:

The way to use electric scooter Turkey in the streets of Turkey is simple, summarized as follows:

Download the Marti electric scooter app for Android systems, and you will find the link here

Or the same application, but for iOS systems, and you will find the link here

  • When you register your account, you will get 10 liras free credit on the first use,
  • After completing the registration, a map will appear for you that you can rely on to search for

the nearest electric scooter to you

  • When you click on the scooter you want to use, you will find written the amount of charge in the scooter and the distance that it can travel.
  • Then you will find a place to enter your bank card information in the application in case the application wants to collect an additional amount after the expiration of the free balance.
  • When starting to use it, you should press the button “Başla”, which means “start” in English,
  • When the electric scooter you want to use arrives, you must make sure it is the right one by reading the bar code and unlocking the lock, and here the fare calculator will start calculating the trip time.
  • After completing the trip, you can leave the scooter and attach it anywhere and take a photo to confirm the operation.

Advantages of the electric scooter Turkey project:

The electric scooter Turkey project is characterized by the following:

1 – This project facilitates the idea of ​​transporting for short distances through the widespread traffic congestion in Istanbul, especially at peak times.

2- There is flexibility available to the user, which is not to commit to leaving the electric scooter turkey in certain places and just leaving it and tying it anywhere.

3- There are people responsible for shipping the “Marti” scooters. They usually collect the scooters in the evening and charge them, keep them from being stolen at night.

Thus, the user does not waste any time and effort in charging the electric scooter turkey with electricity and ensures the speed of service performance.

4- The company is keen to communicate with the public through its social network sites, in case that it is not possible to have scooters due to bad weather conditions and to ensure the safety of their use, and this reflects the quality of the provided service by the company.

This is the official marti website

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