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(e okul service) Information for parents from the Turkish Ministry of Education

If you are residing in Turkey, then your children would probably study in Turkish government schools, as Turkish government schools are distinguished by some features that make them an ideal choice for native Turks as well as for the expats residing in Turkey. In this article, we will introduce you to a free service provided by Turkish government schools, which is the “e okul” service.

e okul App
e okul App

The e okul (e-school) App:

When your children attend Turkish public school, parents – especially foreigners – face many difficulties in the beginning, and one of these difficulties is communicating efficiently with the school personnel in order to know the level of education of their children, their grades and their behaviour. These difficulties arise because of your inability to communicate with the school personnel due to the existence of a language barrier, or because you are too busy.

Therefore, the e okul app which is accessible through  It is a  dynamic,  expanding,  sustainable,  web based  Student  Information  Management System  for  Turkey’s  Centralized  Education  System  that  provides  denouements  for schools in order to  cope  with  student  data. It is developed by using innovative web based software and  database  technologies  for  enhancing  education  by  providing electronic  platform  in  order  to  collect,  record,  analyze,  report,  control, monitor  and  manage  students’  data  related  to  education  like  enrollment,  local  or centralized  exam  entries,  attendance,  grades,  transcript,  report  cards,  behavior, assignments, and so forth.

e okul consists of nearly 500 web pages and 800 report forms.  It is  used  by  any  kind  of  formal  public  or  private  preschool,  primary  and secondary  schools,  inside  or  outside  Turkey,  under  MoNE.  All  the  processes  on students’  data  are  classified  and  grouped  in  e okul according  to  relevance  and transaction of data process. The data that concerns about %75 of the country’s total population proves how great e okul system is.

How does the e okul app work?

First of all, you have to download this online application through the Google Play Store, It is available to download for FREE on mobile platforms. Whereas, for the Desktop platform, the app is not developed. Officially there is no way we can install this app on PC.

After that, you enter the necessary information in order to have access to your child’s file at the Turkish Government School, where you will be asked to enter the kimlik number (residence) and the student number _ which is the serial number that is correspondent to the student _

Then you will be able to use the app easily in order to monitor your child in school. The design of the app is really user-friendly and it was specially designed for anyone to comfortably manage the information, regardless of their technological skills. For example, from the main window, you can easily access a calendar, their grades, and pending homework.

Features of e okul (e-school) App:

When entering the application, you will find several services available, including:

  • Student grades (not bılgıler): divided into the first semester grades (donem, 1) and the second semester (donem, 2), for all study subjects, and parents can easily check these grades immediately upon their display.
  • The number of days the student was absent from school, recorded with the date of the day the student was absent (devamsizlik bilgisi).
  • Daily study subjects schedule and program (ders programi).
  • Dates for official examinations (sinav tarihleri).
  • Annual calendar of holidays and school days (takvim).
  • Textbooks that the student will study from during the academic year (okudugu kitaplar).
  • Notes on the student’s behaviour, and an evaluation of his behaviour with his classmates and teachers in the school (davranis notlari).
e okul
e okul App features displayed

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