New decisions regarding driving license in turkey for foreigners 2020


A new decision regarding driving license in Turkey for foreigners has been declared by the Turkish media and official Turkish newspapers in Turkey 2020, this decision concerns foreign citizens in Turkey, including Arabs and non-Turks residing in Turkey with any type of residence, and there is also a part of the new decision concerning Turkish citizens residing in Turkey, and those who hold foreign driving licenses.

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The new decision regarding driving license in turkey for foreigners 2020:

The news of the driving license in turkey for foreigners 2020 was addressed as follows:

Turkish citizens who hold foreign driving licenses are allowed in Turkey to drive cars for a period of two years since they entered the Turkish territory, and citizens who stay in Turkey for more than 6 months must translate a foreign driving license and approve it from a notary in Turkey. By the end of the two years, the foreign driving license holder will have to change it to a Turkish driving license to be able to continue driving in Turkey.

As for foreign citizens, including Arabs and non-Turks in Turkey, they can drive for a period of 6 months only with the foreign driving license they hold, and before the expiration of the 6-month period they must replace the foreign driving license into a Turkish one, it is mentioned that for this procedure there are some foreigner nationalities that cannot replace their foreign driving licenses to a Turkish driving license, and there are other nationalities that can exchange licenses, and they are as follows:

Who are the foreign citizens who can exchange driving licenses in Turkey 2020 for Turkish licenses?

Holders of Qatari, Bahraini, Emirati, Moroccan, and Tunisian driving licenses can exchange their licenses for Turkish driving licenses because these countries have concluded agreements between themselves and Turkey in this regard.

As for the holders of Syrian and Iraqi driving licenses, they cannot exchange their driving licenses issued from these countries with Turkish driving licenses

For EU citizens, they can use their EU driving license in Turkey for six months then it must be converted to a Turkish license.

How can it be detected, the date of your arrival in Turkey?

The Turkish authorities and the competent authorities of the driving licenses disclosure in Turkey 2020 can identify the date of your arrival to Turkish territory to estimate the period of your stay with the foreign driving license, which the new law has set to 6 months as a maximum for the stay of its foreign nationality holders in Turkey.

You can simply learn about the date of your arrival in Turkey by:

The passport and the date of arrival written on it or through the property number “Kimlik” of those who hold the regular residence in Turkey, or through the number of your residence, whether a tourist residence or a student residence or any type of residence in Turkey.

Regarding the actual implementation of these driving licenses decisions in Turkey 2020 so far, cases of exceeding traffic patrols from implementing these decisions have been monitored. Until this moment, it is up to the traffic patrol person who checks your driving license, although the decision was officially issued and published in the Turkish Official Gazette.

And with this, we now have clarified everything about the new decisions regarding the driving license in turkey for foreigners and Turks.

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