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Research must be done in order to know the cost of studying in Turkey if you are making a choice to study and live in Turkey, which is an ideal option due to its suitability to the conditions of the student. Turkey is known currently for its high university education level; Turkish universities have for years occupied advanced ranks worldwide which made them comparable to famous European universities. In addition to the good quality of life and decent living that the Turkish government provides to Turkish citizens and foreigners. Therefore, We are pleased to let you know of some important information about the costs of studying and living in Turkey for foreign students.

costs of studying in turkey

cost of studying in Turkey:

The costs of studying in Turkey vary according to the university, as there are Turkish government universities in which the costs of studying are low on the contrary of their educational level which is high. Even some of these universities have high international rankings among the well-known universities. Such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Middle East Technical University, and many other Turkish public universities.

As for choosing to study at a Turkish private university, the cost of studying in Turkey for private universities will increase about 10 times more than it would’ve been in public universities, and university fees vary from one university to another according to the educational level of the university and the services it provides to their students.

Important information about Dicle University in Turkey Here

Annual study fees in Turkey in US dollars:

The cost of studying in Turkey at a public university in the Turkish language are 250-750 US dollars

The cost of studying in Turkey at a public university in English are 500-2000 US dollars

The cost of studying in Turkey at a private university (differs from one university to another) 4000-25000 US dollars

Tuition fees and administrative fees (paid each semester) 100 – 150 US dollars

You may need to study the Turkish language as a previous step for university studies in Turkey or in parallel with it; you will find many educational centers spread all over Turkey, and some of them have branches within Turkish universities such as the Tomer educational centers,

Check the following link to know all bout TOMER centers in Turkey

Locations of TÖMER centers for learning the Turkish language

cost of living for foreign university students in Turkey:

The cost of living is divided into rent costs, food costs, transportation costs, the cost of purchasing clothes, and medical expenses.

Housing costs for foreign university students in Turkey:

If you don’t want roommates the cost of rent will increase. You will also need to bear the insurance cost for the owner of the place alone. As for sharing housing with a group of university students, the cost of the rent and insurance will be split between the group, and you will save a large amount of money.

The cost of house rental per month in Turkish lira is 3000-4000 TL. And the cost of individual housing varies according to the city in which you choose to study, and the type of residential building, and if it is in a residential complex with services available within the complex or in a normal building owned by private persons. The monthly cost of youth housing is 1000-1500 Turkish liras

Food costs for university students in Turkey:

In the case of relying on fast food or on medium cost restaurants, it would be 1500 TL per month

In the case of relying on preparing food yourself at home, it would cost you 800 TL per month or less

Transportation costs for university students in Turkey:

The costs of studying in Turkey will be highly influnced by the cost of transportation, which is luckly based on the public transport card allocated to students is 200 TL per month. These cards save about 70% of the real transportation cost when the cards are not used.

Learn everything about buses in Turkey and internal transportation through the following article: here.

Clothes purchase costs:

The cost of buying clothes varies with the variation of markets that you buy from, and the quality of the pieces of clothing, so as an average cost, it ranges between 200 – 1200 US dollars annually

We recommend you to go to the Outlet market, which are seasonal markets that will save 70% of the money you would pay in regular markets, and market goods are distinguished by their quality and elegance.

The cost of healthcare for university students in Turkey:

Foreign university students have the right to obtain health insurance, which is a private insurance for students that saves them money comparing to treatment costs that would be spent when going to a private doctor or a private hospital.

In Istanbul there are also many private health centers, which are centers that expats -especially Syrians- open to help reduce treatment costs for foreigners, and these centers are known for their excellent health services with low prices.

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