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The cost of living in Antalya is average as it a Turkish coastal city located on the Mediterranean coast in the southwest of the Turkish Republic between the Gulf of Antalya and the Western Taurus Mountains. It is the sixth Turkish city in terms of area, and it is classified as one of the best Turkish touristic cities. Antalya includes many types of tourist activities that tourists can enjoy. It is also one of the favorite cities to reside and live in for a good number of foreigners.

Accommodation cost of living in Antalya

Accommodation is always a challenge, especially when it comes to large central cities.

The average price per meter square for an apartment in the center of the city is 3125 TL, if it’s outside of the city center it is 2349 TL. If you aren’t planning to buy an apartment but rent one then the average cost per month for a one-bedroom apartment in city center is 1012 TL and 1863 TL for a three-bedroom apartment. If you’re looking for something cheaper you can rent outside the city center for 712 TL per month for one-bedroom apartment and 1199 TL for a three-bedroom apartment.

Food and groceries cost of living in Antalya

Food is actually one of the cheap affordable things in Antalya, unlike accommodation. You can find here a detailed grocery list:

Milk (1 liter): 4.02 TL

White Bread (200 g):  2.15 TL

Rice (1 kg): 6.88 TL

Eggs (12 pieces): 9.07 TL

Cheese (1 kg): 32.98 TL

Chicken (1 kg): 19.97 TL

Meat (1 kg): 68.08 TL

Apples (1 kg): 4.88 TL

Banana (1 kg): 10.77 TL

Oranges (1 kg): 4.1 TL

Tomato (1 kg): 4.45 TL

Potato (1 kg): 3.4 TL

Onion (1 kg): 3.83 TL

Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught): from 10.5 TL to 20 TL

Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle): from 14 TL to 25 TL

Cappuccino (regular): 9.47  TL

Coke (0.33 liter bottle): 3.11 TL

Water (1.5 liter bottle): 1.48 TL

Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range): from 30 TL to 60 TL

Cigarettes 20 Pack: 15 TL

Transportation cost of living in Antalya

Luckily, transportation is relatively cheap in Antalya, and the best way to go around it. It is also very clean, convenient and fast with a variety of vehicles and means. There are busses, sea busses, shared taxis, tram, metrobuses, metros, cable cars, and ferries. One way ticket in public transportation can cost 2.6 TL. A pre-paid transportation card costs 95 TL.

If you have a car, 1 liter of gasoline would cost you around 6.75 Turkish liras. If you want to take a cab, the basic tariff would be 4 Turkish liras and for each kilometer you add around 3.55 Turkish liras.

If you are planning on buying a car, a Volkswagen 1,490KW would cost 154,000 TL and a Toyota 1,619KW would cost 136.811 TL.

Utilities and bills cost of living in Antalya

By comparing the household bills in Antalya with other European cities, you would find that it is relatively cheap. Which is also an added plus to living in Antalya and allows for a low cost of living budget. 

Basic utilities for an 85-meter square apartment per month is 318 TL.

Water and sewage: from 50 to 60 TL per month.

Internet cost per month for 6mb per second 82 TL.

You can also get monthly maintenance services that range from 50 to 500 TL per month depending on the services provided.

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For mobile phone calls, one minute can cost 0.79 TL.

Dining out the cost of living in Antalya

Dining out and trying cultural foods is a very important thing to add to your cost of living budget so that you get to experience important cultural sides through food, you can find here a price guide:

Meal in a cheap restaurant for two: 20 TL

Three-course Meal for two People in a mid-range restaurant: 80 TL

Fast Food Chains: 20TL

Sports and other leisure activities cost of living

The average cost of 1 month gym subscription is around 120 TL.

Renting a tennis court to play with friends on weekends would cost around 61 TL an hour.

 If you fancy a movie, going to a cinema would cost you 17 TL for 1 ticket.

Shopping in Antalya

Shopping comes at a convenient price, you can but a pair of jeans at the price of 235 TL from a famous chain store. A summer dress for 110 TL. A medium quality sneaker for 363 TL. Men’s shoes for 238 TL.

Child care can cost around 1421 TL per month for a child in the age of pre-school and younger. A primary international school would cost 27,625 TL per year.

Medical care in Turkey is a relatively low cost, as governmental hospitals provide a discounted service for Turkey residents as long as they have proof of identity or refugee identification card. This would serve well in planning your cost of living in Antalya.

If you’re planning to work in Antalya, the salary averages at 2666 TL after tax reduction.

All in all, Antalya is an amazing place to live in, with its amazing nature, modern residential areas, and very convenient cost of living.

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