Valuable Things to Know About Transportation in Istanbul


Public transportation in Turkey is very crowded, especially at peak times within major Turkish cities, as is the case in Istanbul. Transportation in Istanbul is one of the most crowded in Turkey. For this, the Turkish government has been keen to allocate huge transportation networks that cover all parts of the city completely, and through it people can avoid private cars and expensive taxis, get...

Fethiye Top Things To Do In This Beautiful City


Fethiye in March Fethiye is a Turkish city that enjoys great tourist popularity, which makes Fethiye top things to do, especially in the summer, to be a lot! Due to the presence of many beaches and tourist resorts in it. Fethiye is located in the province of “Mugla” in southwestern Turkey, with an area of ​​3,590 square kilometers, and a population of 147,000 people according to the 2016...

The Most Important Istanbul Bridges on Bosphorus


Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Istanbul bridges on Bosphorus come in different shapes. Generally speaking, In Turkey there are a large number of bridges dating back to the past centuries. The eras of the construction of these bridges vary, some of which date back to the Ottoman, Seljuk, and Roman eras. In addition to many newly built bridges that were built in the modern Turkish Republic. This created...

The Best 5 Shopping Malls Istanbul


Everyone wants to shop in shopping malls Istanbul! The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for being a popular place for shopping and shopping by foreign tourists who flock to it in large numbers every year. It was even ranked this year as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and there are many luxury shopping malls Istanbul that make the shopping experience in Istanbul an...

turkish language visa: Useful information to know


A prominent type of visa now is the Turkish language visa. Learning the Turkish language is the only key to opening the doors of work and academic study in Turkey. Without it, you will not be able to deal with those around you from Turkish citizens. Unfortunately, most Turks only speak the Turkish language, and for this, we advise you to think seriously about learning the basics of the Turkish...

BASAKSEHIR BAZAAR: a Comprehensive Shopping Experience


Basaksehir Bazaar is located within the Basaksehir district in the European section of Istanbul. The region includes a very modern and developed infrastructure that attracts local and foreign investors. Basaksehir district is one of the most lively districts on the European side of Istanbul, which consists of 39 municipalities distributed between the European and Asian continents. Basaksehir...

The Genius Project of Basaksehir Millet Park


Basaksehir Millet park was built as a part of the 100-day action plan. The first 5 of the 33 national parks planned to be built in 18 provinces were put into service with a mass ceremony. With these parks alone, 1.5 million square meters of green space have been added to Istanbul. With the national parks built, the amount of green space per person increased by 10 percent. With the completion of...

Helpful Info on Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is now the new trend in Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs announced at the beginning of March 2020 that more than 5,000 foreign investors have obtained Turkish citizenship in exchange for investing in Turkey. It is expected that the number of holders of Turkish citizenship will increase to 9,000 soon after the Turkish government has...

A Useful Guide to GSS Health Insurance Turkey


General Health Insurance (GSS) is health insurance for Turkish citizens. GSS health insurance Turkey allows the citizens to receive almost free treatment in government hospitals. Its cost is a nominal cost that is almost free compared to the high treatment prices in Turkey in general. The beneficiary of the GSS health insurance Turkey, pays the general health insurance fee which is 3% of the...

Valuable Info on Buying a Used Car in Turkey


Buying a used car in Turkey is very common. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want to have a car to facilitate his life and meet his needs? But thinking about it, buying a car can be very expensive, especially in Turkey. When it comes to buying a car in Turkey, the tax price is 160% of the price of the car itself. This makes buying a used car in Turkey, one of the best options...

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