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Fine for overstaying visa in turkey


Fine for overstaying visa in Turkey, If you are a visitor or resident in Turkey, you may exceed the allowed period of your stay for any circumstances, just make sure that the government will notice you because the immigration authorities register everyone that enters and leaves the country and record everything on their database including the people who overstay their permissible period in Turkey...

A Guide to Travel Insurance Turkey


Travel insurance Turkey is highly important if you’re planning to go to Turkey. Health insurance in any civilized country is a guarantee for the individual against the health risks and conditions that he may be exposed to during travel or during his stay in this country. For this reason, all developed countries of the world have taken special care in health insurance for their citizens of...

OBTAINING AN E VISA TO TURKEY: an Effortless process


The ability to obtain an E visa to Turkey is one of the most important things that the Turkish government has allowed. Turkey is a first-class tourist country with the testimony of millions of tourists who come to the Turkish lands every year to enjoy the stunning scenery and the charming nature that God has blessed for this country. If you are among the people who want to experience the tourism...

important information about Turkish citizenship by property


The recently issued executive regulations law says that you can be granted Turkish citizenship by property in which you will be granted the citizenship in return for a real estate investment with the cost of 250 thousand dollars instead of 1 million dollars Find out with us about all the conditions and details regarding the practical procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship by property in...

Free special Istanbul airport ASSISTANCE


You can find Istanbul airport assistance in the new Istanbul airport. The new airport is a jewel that shines in the city of Istanbul in Turkey, and a civilized reflection of Turkey’s pioneering role in the field of transportation, and the airport was designed according to the latest logistical specifications that are rarely available in other airports in the world. And the new Istanbul...

important comparison between the Cost of Living in Istanbul vs Eskisehir


get to know with us a comparison between the cost of Living in Istanbul vs Eskisehir through the following article on your website (turkey for expats). cost of living in Istanbul vs. Eskisehir Eskişehir is a Turkish city about 233 km away from the Turkish capital city, Ankara. The city of “Eskişehir” is known as the city of students or the city of youth because it receives large numbers of...

The Best wholesale market in Istanbul


The city of Istanbul includes a group of the best wholesale market in Istanbul, in addition to its popular markets and the luxurious commercial centers, and Al Fatih area is famous for many famous wholesale markets, which are frequented by Arabs and Turks, who are shops owners and merchants, and in this topic, we will learn more about the most important wholesale markets in Istanbul. First best...

10 best institutes for learning English in turkey


There are many institutes for learning English in Turkey, as it is one of the languages ​​required as a condition to join the labour market in Turkey, in addition to the native language in Turkey, which is the Turkish language. These institutes are distinguished by the fact that the duration of passing from one level to another does not exceed a month. Whether you are a student, a business...

A Rich Guide on the Cost of Living in Yalova


The cost of living in Yalova is affected by its location and nature. It is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities. It is famous for its high tourists’ number as it is characterized by its picturesque scenery. It has charming resorts that have been established around the waters of sulfur springs, which are famous for their therapeutic benefits. Tourists come to it for treatment from all over the...

A Comprehensive list on the Cost of Living in Adana Turkey


The cost of living in Adana turkey is affected by the presence of two of the most important Turkish universities, namely “Çukurova” and “Adana University of Science and Technology”. They are two universities that are ranked highly at the level of Turkish universities. They are distinguished by high quality of education, teaching efficiency, and the availability of all disciplines, some of which...

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