Renewal driving license Turkey


The laws regarding the renewal driving license Turkey applies to both foreigners in Turkey as well as Turks since both are treated with the same legal proceedings as a Turkish citizen in most cases. Because the laws are applied on the foreigners that are legally residing in Turkey as it is applied on the Turkish citizens, and we like in this article on your site “Turkey for Expats” to explain to...

How to easily get an Electric scooter Turkey


After the success of the idea of ​​applying electric scooter Turkey in the Asian part of Istanbul, specifically in the famous tourist area of ​​Kadikoy, the Turkish company “Marti” has expanded the range of applying the electric scooters in several areas in Istanbul, starting from Al Fatih district to Ortakoy region. It is considered that the expansion has covered the largest...

Bus ticket price in turkey


New changes have occurred in the tariffs for passenger’s bus ticket price in Turkey, according to what was published in the official newspaper in Turkey on Thursday, May 14, 2020, and the news indicated that these new changes in the tariff of passenger bus ticket price in Turkey will continue until the end of the next July. The Turkish authorities also noted the possibility of adding new transit...

2 important things to know about pegasus refund ticket


Pegasus is an airline company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Pegasus refund ticket is important for everyone and Pegasus characterized as a low-cost airline, in addition to its interest to provide good quality services, this is what made it is titled the best low-cost airline in Europe, and we will talk in this article about how to pegasus refund ticket value airline that is not used. Pegasus...

BUSES IN TURKEY: Important Things to know


Know everything about buses in Turkey specifically and internal transportation in general since Turkey is characterized by a large number of forms of transportations and buses, which connect many regions to each other, and this kind of transportation may suit you best depending on where you live. However, the disadvantage of this transportation is that it’s only good for moving within short...

know the transportation From Istanbul airport to city


You must have heard of Istanbul’s new airport! then you should know the Istanbul airport to city transportation. The airport opening of the President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) was held in 2018  in an event that has been heavily rife with Turkish media. In this article, we will show you more about how to travel to and from the airport with modern transport service, and inexpensive transport...

Help You get a Vehicle inspection Turkey


When you have to go through a vehicle inspection Turkey, due to the expiration of the previous inspection period, there is some important information that you must be familiar with. for vehicle inspection Turkey, Your car type is: Cars in Turkey are of two types:  Otomobil and Kamyonet. Otomobil car (normal common cars like hatchback cars, sedan cars, 4×4 cars..etc): this type of car...

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