Your Guide to tram in Istanbul


Find out everything about the tram in Istanbul through the following article on your website (Turkey for Expats). The city of Istanbul has an integrated public transportation network that was specifically established to accommodate the severe congestion inside the city throughout the year. Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey at all, and the commercial and cultural capital is in it, and...

The Critical Role of the Ferry and Seabus in Istanbul


The ferry and seabus in Istanbul are considered comfortable and time-saving means of transportation. They are not only important on the level of Istanbul alone, but on the level of Turkey as a whole. Their importance lies in the fact that they connect the different cities of Turkey to each other. As for the city of Istanbul, the ferry and seabus in Istanbul, act as important elements in the city...

The Importance of Istanbul Card for Students


The Istanbul City Council unanimously approved a decision to reduce the subscription fees for the blue transportation card, Istanbul card for students, from 85 to 40 liras. It can be used 200 times for a month. This card is distinguished by being personal, as it may only be used by its owner, as the subscriber’s information is printed on the card, as well as the card holder’s...

5 Types of Sea transportation Turkey


Get to know all the information and prices of sea transportation Turkey. Istanbul is a beautiful city blessed by God with the most beautiful landscapes and the most ancient historical and archaeological monuments. It is a city located between two great continents, Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus strait divides the city into two parts, the European section and the Asian section, each of which is...

The Istanbul Izmir new highway reduces a full 5 hours of travel


The Istanbul Izmir new highway is part of the tremendous development in the state’s infrastructure. For this reason, the Turkish government gives priority to the road, transportation, and infrastructure projects, and every period the Turkish republic announces the opening of one of the mega projects that achieve the state’s goals in this development. The Istanbul Izmir new highway was recently...

Istanbul transportation card 101


The Istanbul transportation card is a prepaid magnetic electronic card similar to bank cards, and it is one of the latest public transportation cards currently in circulation in Istanbul and the most widespread. It is mentioned that this Istanbul transportation card is an alternative card to the “Akbil” card that looks like a key, which is no longer circulating in the markets in...

Most important airports in Turkey


Knowing the most important airports in Turkey is important regionally and globally, as Turkey is one of the most important global tourism and economic destinations, and for this reason, the Turkish government has done its effort to establish many airports to accommodate visitors from all countries of the world, and to facilitate the movement of individuals between countries of the world and...

lost and found Istanbul items in public transportation


Hundreds of things are lost and found Istanbul in public transport in Istanbul, and these lost and found items ranging from electronic devices, bags, wallets, cards, and other simple things to expensive things in transportation such as the subway, buses, and ships, these lost and found things are frequently forgotten or wasted, which the bus drivers or passengers who find them in the public...

Blue Card Istanbul for public transportation


Blue card Istanbul are indispensable in Istanbul, as we do not find a paying method within any means of transportation except with these cards, and there are many types of these cards, some of them are charged with small amounts, and some are charged once or twice, but we do not recommend it because it doesn’t have any discount on the ride, unlike the blue card, which is one of the most...

A Valuable list on the Cost of Living in Diyarbakir


The city of Diyarbakir is one of the largest Turkish cities located in southeastern Turkey with the Syrian border. The cost of living in Diyarbakir is relatively low considering its nice location. It is located on the Tigris River and gained its name from the Arabs “Bani Bakr Bin Wael” who settled in it after the Islamic conquest during the reign of Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan. It is the second...

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