MOST FAMOUS weekly bazaar in Istanbul


Get to know with us through this article on your website (Turkey for Expats) about the most famous weekly bazaar in Istanbul and their addresses in detail. Turkey is characterized by the diversity of its distinct markets that sell all kinds of goods and merchandise made locally and imported from outside of Turkey; In addition to foods and other goods needed by the house, the weekly bazaars in...

The Most Important Mersin Attractions


The city of Mersin is one of the provinces of the Republic of Turkey. Mersin attractions are very unique as the province is located on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of “Antalya” and “Adana.” . The province of Mersin is divided into 30 provinces, the most important of which are “Akdeniz”, “Anamur”, “Ardemli”, “Kilnar”, “Mut”, and “Tartous”. The city of “Mersin” is the...

The Most Important Things to Know About Kocaeli Province


Izmit the capital of Kocaeli Kocaeli Province is a coastal Turkish province located on the Sea of ​​Marmara. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Kocaeli. The capital of Kocaeli is Izmit. Kocaeli has an area of ​​about 3635 square kilometers, and a population of 1,560,380 people and they are predominantly conservative. Istanbul is only 5 minutes away from the city or...

Remarkable Things That Ankara Famous For


Ankara at night Ankara is the capital of the Turkish Republic and was declared the capital of Turkey in 1932 AD. Ankara famous for being the third largest Turkish province in terms of area after Konya and Sivas. It is also the second largest province in terms of population with a population of about 6 million people. The city’s residents are distinguished by their adherence to the ancient...

best Sapanca attractions


get to know with us through this article on your website (Turkey for Expats) about the most important Sapanca attractions and Masukiye in detail. Tourists’ interest in one-day trips to Sapanca and Masukiye has increased. There are many tourist offices that organize trips to these picturesque places, as these areas are characterized by the beauty of nature and its scenic charm, and the attraction...

best 7 rize attractions


Find out more information about Rize attractions and tourism in the Turkish city of Rize through the following article on your website “Turkey for Expats”. The city of Rize is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities that tourists are keen to visit; It has a charming nature and stunning landscapes, in addition to the great tourist diversity in it. The city of Rize is located on the eastern side...

Know More About What Is Izmir Famous For


Izmir The city of Izmir is an immensely important Turkish city, it is located in western Anatolia. Izmir famous for the most important export seaport in Turkey. It is the third largest city in terms of population after Istanbul and Ankara, with a population of 2,847,691 people. Izmir famous for holding many important annual trade fairs. It is also the second largest industrial city in...

The Most Important Adana Attractions


Adana Sabancı Merkez Camii Adana Governorate is located on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean. Adana attractions are known to be beautiful and many. It has a moderate Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry in summer and mild and rainy in winter, but does not reach snowfall. Adana is considered the fifth Turkish city in terms of population, with a population of about 2,125,981, the...

The Best Balikesir Tourist Attractions


The province of Balikesir or “Balk Asir” is a Turkish province located south of the Marmara region, northwest of Anatolia. Balikesir tourist attractions are one of the best attractions. Balikesir is divided into two parts, part of which is located in an area called Aj, while the coast of the province is located at the confluence of the Marmara region and the Aegean Sea. The area of ​​the province...

The Most Important Trabzon Tourist Attractions


The Black Sea region includes many wonderful Turkish cities including Trabzon and the amazing Trabzon tourist attractions that enjoy stunning beauty and charming nature. Trabzon is a distinctive destination for many tourists, especially from the warm countries; due to its mild climate in summer. You can spend a wonderful vacation in Trabzon and the surrounding areas on the Black Sea, and we...

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