important info about e Devlet number


What is E Devlet number in Turkey:  With the development of technology all over the world, the electronic state is now a new concept in developed countries, including Turkey, to increase efficiency, and with the aim of developing the state and ensuring the effective performance of speed, the E Devlet was launched in 2006 to ease the communication between the government and the citizens, at...

hes code and mobile application helps to know about Corona symptoms


The Turkish Ministry of Health has launched a new free smartphone application available on “APP STORE”, “Google Play”, HES code and mobile application the title of this application is Hayat Eve Sığar, and in English, the “Home Expands Life” application, this application provides multiple services for Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey on It also allows them to monitor their health status...

2 important things to Know about Turkey Phone Registration


Mobile phones now are widely used to the point that many people are fully dependent on them. That’s why we need to know how to Turkey phone registration. They are used in communication, news updates, work…etc. If you are a foreigner coming to Turkey, especially if you are willing to have a long stay, we would like to offer you through our website “Turkey for Expats” a very detailed...

10 important Most used apps in Turkey


You have to know the most used apps in Turkey when you reach Turkey either for tourism, study, or residency. You will need several applications for smartphones that will help you in many situations that can be encountered in Turkey, such as the difficulty of speaking the Turkish language, the difficulty of knowing the places of transportation, and other problems facing expatriates at the...

5 important internet providers in turkey


As a resident of Turkey, knowing the internet providers in Turkey is really important. The World Wide Web or the Internet has now become an integral part of our daily life, and very few of us can live without it, especially if the matter is related to work, necessary communications, transportation, and travel. There are many internet providers in Turkey that provide internet connection services...

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