Your informative guide about Eskisehir Anadolu University


Eskisehir Anadolu University or “Anadolu üniversitesi” is one of many Turkish public universities. Eskisehir Anadolu University was ranked as the ninth best university in Turkey for the year 2018, and ranked 845th  internationally among universities worldwide. Eskisehir Anadolu University is located in the Turkish city of Eskişehir which is also called the city of students since it attracts a...

Bogazici University ISTANBUL and Places for Postgraduate Studies


Bogazici University Istanbul announced that it has study places for the postgraduate level (masters and PHD), in which it had opened registration for foreign students for the 2020-2021 academic year since the beginning of March 2020, and registration will continue until mid-May. Get to know all about Bogazici University (Bosphorus) through this article on your “Turkey for Expats” website, and the...

Your Informative guide about Al Huda school turkey


Al-Huda International Schools was established as a private educational and pedagogical institution in the city of Istanbul. Al Huda school turkey targets a large group of people specially from the foreigners who are residing in Turkey, who wants to enroll their children in Arab schools. The school provides educational and pedagogical services for all stages (kindergarten, primary, middle and...

Important things to know about Istanbul arel university


Istanbul Arel University is a private nonprofit university based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Teaching is primarily conducted in English offering Bachelor’s, Masters’ and PhD programs. Once founded in 1990, Arel College in Istanbul used to expand its educational spectrum with Arel Pre-School, Arel Primary School, Arel Anatolian High School, Arel Science High School and Arel Sports and Culture Complex in...

5 advanteges of studying in private universities in Turkey and essential steps to join them


you must learn with us the advantages of studying in private universities in Turkey and the necessary steps to join them, in the case you are interested in joining the educational development that Turkey is currently having. ISTANBUL, TURKEY – APRIL 30, 2016: Galatasaray University in Bosphorus Strait. University established in Feriye Palaces of Ciragan Palace. Turkey is known by its...

best online Turkish courses


If you are willing to learn Turkish or any other language you must know about the best online Turkish courses out there. the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in the world is no longer a reason to postpone your learning plans; endless options for learning of all kinds are available online. you’ll need to practice it on a daily basis. In order to master it and you will find what you are...

studying in Eskişehir“the best city for students”


Studying in Eskişehir Turkish universities provide foreign students with high quality education, distinguished teaching staff, and the ability to obtain multiple skills that every graduate need in their professional lives. There are 6 Turkish universities that rank at the top among international universities and are recognized in all over the world. Anadolu University is one of Eskişehir Turkish...

Valuable Information on Gazi University


Gazi University is a Turkish public university located in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The University ranked tenth in 2018 at the level of Turkish universities in terms of quality of education, and in the same year, it ranked 902 at the level of international universities. Learn about the history of Gazi University Ankara, and its faculties and departments through the following article. History...

Important information on the Quran memorizing exam in Turkey “Hafiz”


The Presidency of Turkish Religious Affairs announced the date of the Quran memorizing exam in Turkey “Hafiz”, which is held twice every year. The Quran memorizer obtains -after he successfully passes the exam- a certificate approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Hafiz is a coveted title among Muslims, which is used for someone who has completely memorized the Quran. The tradition of...

A Comprehensive Guide to Hacettepe University


The Medical School on Main Campus Hacettepe University is a Turkish government university based in Ankara. In 2018 it was ranked among the 10 best universities in Turkey, as it ranked sixth at the level of Turkish universities, and ranked 774 globally. The languages of teaching used at the Hacettepe University are, Turkish, English, German, and French and the language varies according to the...

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