Turkish high school diploma equivalent


Find out with us about the procedures for the Turkish high school diploma equivalent for foreigners in Turkey and the required papers Through the following article on your website “Turkey for expats”. Turkish high school diploma equivalent A lot of students dream of completing their education in a famous and professional university with high standards that offers highly qualified curriculum and...

Your guide to Istanbul Gelişim University


Istanbul Gelişim University is a private Turkish university with non-profit goals as it is affiliated with the Gleişim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health, and Social Services in Turkey. Istanbul Gleişim University is located on the European side of the Turkish city of Istanbul in the Avcilar region near Ataturk Airport. The University’s inauguration was in 2011, and it is accredited and...

Your full guide to Istanbul Technical University


ITÜ, short for Istanbul Technical University or “İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi” is the third oldest technical university in the world and one of the most prominent scientific institutions in Turkey. Istanbul Technical University ranked as the second-best Turkish university for the year 2018 and came in at 587th place internationally. It also holds a very high ranking internationally (108) in the...

important pros and cons of studying in Turkey


Foreign students are increasingly turning to the option of studying in Turkey because of its diversed culture and its conservative character that suits all kinds of students, in addition to the advanced western civilization that makes dealing with foreigners smooth and easy. Without forgetting to mention its distinguished educational level, as 5 Turkish universities were classified among the best...

the best 8 universities for studying in arabic in turkey


Many Turkish universities have been established since the last decade, who made studying in Arabic in Turkey possible, especially after the directives of the Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” who insisted on “the necessity of establishing Turkish-Arab universities that include Arab students,” this statement was made because of the increasing number of Arabs in Turkey. Turkey made a huge...

Surprising facts about universities in turkish cyprus


Turkey is known for having a large number of private universities in Turkish Cyprus in various scientific disciplines, in which the admission conditions are easy and accessible to students. Turkish Cyprus universities are distinguished of having a high-quality education with affordable expenses, they also accept admissions with any type of high school diploma from any country. Some of the...

All important information on imam hatip schools in turkey


The Imam Hatip schools in Turkey -or leaders of prayer and preachers schools- are the number one destination of the Turkish people in general and the Arab communities, especially the Syrians. These schools are considered as a beacon of forensic science in Turkey since ancient times, and they became very popular after holding a number of special students such as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The...

important Facts on 12 types of high schools in turkey


Many people get confused when choosing between different types of high schools in Turkey. Choosing the appropriate school will have a big impact on the student’s grades, which will give him several options to choose from between the different universities, or the choice to settle with practicing the profession that he learned in school, as some high schools in Turkey form their students with...

Your comprehensive guide about Istanbul Kültür University


Istanbul Kültür University was established through endowment funds for Cultural Education in 1997 by the founder Fahamettin Akıngüç who holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and worked as an engineer and contractor after graduating from Istanbul Technical University. Kültür University has many appeals as the university is located on the European side of Istanbul near the central area...

The Helpful Guide to Istanbul Esenyurt University


Istanbul Esenyurt University is a private Turkish university affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, located in the Esenyurt area on the European side of Istanbul, and it is a modern university that was established in 2013, and the Esenyurt University relies on an educational scientific strategy and includes a distinguished teaching staff with advanced equipment and supplies...

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