The beauty of Living in Basaksehir


Living in Basaksehir is considered one of the goals that many people who want to move to Turkey hope for. The Basaksehir area is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is called “The Pearl of Istanbul”! It is one of the most vibrant areas in Istanbul, with a high-quality infrastructure, and it is considered to be new construction. Basaksehir is full of modern urban areas and...

important information about Turkish citizenship by property


The recently issued executive regulations law says that you can be granted Turkish citizenship by property in which you will be granted the citizenship in return for a real estate investment with the cost of 250 thousand dollars instead of 1 million dollars Find out with us about all the conditions and details regarding the practical procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship by property in...

important comparison between the Cost of Living in Istanbul vs Eskisehir


get to know with us a comparison between the cost of Living in Istanbul vs Eskisehir through the following article on your website (turkey for expats). cost of living in Istanbul vs. Eskisehir Eskişehir is a Turkish city about 233 km away from the Turkish capital city, Ankara. The city of “Eskişehir” is known as the city of students or the city of youth because it receives large numbers of...

how to get residence permit in turkey


Get to know with us in detail about how to get residence permit in Turkey. how to get residence permit in Turkey Work residency is one of the important types of residencies in the Turkish Republic granted by the state to foreigners wishing to work on Turkish lands, and it is considered itself the investor residency and it is also a work permit, which allows you to work within the Turkish lands...

New decisions regarding driving license in turkey for foreigners 2020


A new decision regarding driving license in Turkey for foreigners has been declared by the Turkish media and official Turkish newspapers in Turkey 2020, this decision concerns foreign citizens in Turkey, including Arabs and non-Turks residing in Turkey with any type of residence, and there is also a part of the new decision concerning Turkish citizens residing in Turkey, and those who hold...

8 Benefits of Turkish nationality


Getting to know the benefits of Turkish nationality especially after the Turkish state made granting Turkish citizenship easier than before to the residents including. The Syrians residing in it and others who own real estate in Turkey, there are urgent questions that the people who will obtain this nationality think about, the questions that they think about are following, is the Turkish...

Living in Istanbul vs Ankara


Get to know with us about the comparison between the cost of living in Istanbul vs Ankara and the prices of goods and services in detail in 2019. Istanbul and Ankara are the most famous and important Turkish cities, Istanbul is the center of business and tourism in Turkey and it’s the most important city at all, there are many job opportunities in it and for this we find the city crowded...

the best places of living In istanbul vs bursa


Get to know with us about a detailed price comparison between the cost of living in Istanbul vs Bursa through this article on your site “Turkey for Expats”. The city of Bursa is one of the largest Turkish cities that includes a large community of foreigners which is about more than 12,000 foreigners, in addition to Bursa’s closeness to Istanbul, it’s about an hour’s drive...

4 best places to live in Istanbul for expats


To know about the best places to live in Istanbul for expats you must know that there is a great and continuous debate between residents of Istanbul and those wishing to come to live in it. The estimation of the cost of living, rents of houses, and so on in Istanbul are different and they vary, this variation is due to the difference in the cost of living from one region to another in Istanbul...



How is Ramadan in Turkey? The mosques, streets and homes of Turkey are preparing to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, as the balconies are adorned with decorations and colorful lights, the Turkish craftsmen decorate the mosque minarets with illuminated banners bearing various religious sentences, it is an Ottoman custom that has been going on for 450 years in Turkey; The mosques become...

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