Beauty Surgery in Turkey


Beauty surgery in Turkey is witnessing a rapid development year after year, and it has high quality compared to the quality of operations conducted in developed countries such as America or European countries. Turkey is classified by the International Society of Plastic Surgery “ISAPS” within the group of leading countries in the field of plastic surgery; That is why thousands of people come...

Famous hospitals for foreigner Istanbul


Hospitals for foreigner Istanbul are increasing day by day, especially that the number of refugees in Istanbul alone increasing over 700,000, in addition to the rest of the Arabs and foreigners living there, which led a group of non- Turkish doctors to open private medical centers and hospitals that provide all medical services to foreigners.  In this article, you can get to know about the most...

10 Emergency phone numbers in Turkey, and more


Emergency phone numbers in Turkey are on a 24-hour basis. The short numbers with 3 digits are always free. However, for long numbers, a regular telephone tariff fee is usually paid. It is possible to call 112 for all emergency calls. The caller is redirected to the appropriate service. All emergency phone numbers in Turkey now is collected at the 112 emergency number center. None the less...

How to book a hospital appointment turkey 101


Booking a hospital appointment Turkey can now be easily done for residents and foreigners in Turkey nowadays. As the need for hospitals and treatment arises daily with the increasing number of residents in Turkey who can choose between private and government hospitals, each has its own advantages. Treatment in Turkish government hospitals is an advanced technical treatment, as Turkey is taking...

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