2 famous health tourism in Turkey


Get to know with us about the most important features of health tourism in Turkey and the elements of medical tourism in it. Turkey is famous for having specialized and well-equipped hospitals, and a health care system that relies on a strict system that is keen to apply medical and technical standards, and uses high-quality standards and outstanding efficiency, and it has over 1600 medical...

The Amazing Public Sports center Istanbul


Public sports center Istanbul is one of the things that is very special about it. The Turkish state provides many free services that are distinguished in terms of quality, in various fields of health and education, and these public sports center Istanbul is one of them. The Turkish state normalized providing the service of sports and fitness centers, at the level of all municipalities. What is...

Comprehensive Read on Student Health Insurance Turkey


If you are a student at a university in Turkey or you intend to study in Turkey, you need to get student health insurance Turkey, you should be able to provide your own medical treatment expenses. You do this through getting a health care plan through SGK student health insurance Turkey. SGK also provides students with many advantages. SGK can sometimes even offer completely free treatment in...

valuable information on Medical Doctor in Turkey


Under Turkish law, foreign specialists and consultants are not entitled to practice the profession of a medical doctor in Turkey until after the equivalency certificate of medical specialization is obtained. Turkey has allowed this procedure for some time due to its need to increase the number of doctors, and it will be necessary to conduct an equivalency test and submit some papers and documents...

Pharmacies work in Turkey


It is known that pharmacies work in Turkey operate only six days a week, and they have specific times, It works from half-past eight in the morning until seven in the evening, As for Sunday, it is an official holiday. And foreigners face this problem because they are not aware of the existence of free duty pharmacies, which operate on Sunday and throughout the night every day. The Pharmacists...

hes code and mobile application helps to know about Corona symptoms


The Turkish Ministry of Health has launched a new free smartphone application available on “APP STORE”, “Google Play”, HES code and mobile application the title of this application is Hayat Eve Sığar, and in English, the “Home Expands Life” application, this application provides multiple services for Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey on It also allows them to monitor their health status...

5 Top Spa and Massage in Istanbul


Spa and massage in Istanbul are among the health centers that provide many cosmetic and health services that serve the growing tourism sector. These services are frequently requested by tourists, which has distinguished Turkey in this field since ancient times. The spa and massage centers in Istanbul are considered an extension and natural development of the ancient Turkish baths that Turkey was...

Important 5 Therapeutic Mineral Water Turkey


Therapeutic mineral water Turkey is put under the umbrella of medical tourism which is a type of tourism that depends on the natural elements that exist in a particular place and used as treatment such as hot springs, mineral, and sulfur water. Patients resort to this type of treatment after it has proven effective in the long term, and this type of treatment depends on both psychological and...

Important guide About Medical Care for Foreigners in Turkey


Getting familiar with the medical care for foreigners in Turkey is quite essential now, with the increase in the number of foreigners coming to Turkish lands, the Turkish government authorities have worked to provide them with appropriate health care, such as facilitating the procedures for vaccinating children from the age of one day to 6 years free of charge. Other services also include foreign...

Get to Know the Famous Medical City Hospital Istanbul


Turkey has become the preferred treatment destination for many people around the world; hence the medical city hospital Istanbul, due to the quality of the medical services provided, and the obvious reduction in treatment costs. For these reasons, Turkey has sought since 2016 to start building the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul in Basaksehir (Istanbul). Recently, President...

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