THE BEST about Panorama fatih Istanbul MUSEUM


Get to know with us about all the details of panorama Fatih Istanbul Museum through this article on your website Turkey for Expats panorama Fatih Istanbul Museum ” fall of Constantinople”:  Who from us does not know the Sultan Mohammed Al-Fateh!!  who is the great Muslim leader who fought the famous battle, the (the fall of Constantinople) battle with his father’s...

5 best places to spend Eid in Turkey


If you are Looking for the best cities to spend the Eid in Turkey ; You will find your desire in these Turkish cities that we will mention to you through the following article on your website “Turkey for Expats”. Turkey includes cultural treasures inherited through the times and eras that have passed, as it has a wonderful climate and a charming nature that God gave to it. Turkey has combined the...



How is Ramadan in Turkey? The mosques, streets and homes of Turkey are preparing to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, as the balconies are adorned with decorations and colorful lights, the Turkish craftsmen decorate the mosque minarets with illuminated banners bearing various religious sentences, it is an Ottoman custom that has been going on for 450 years in Turkey; The mosques become...

Ertugrul city in Turkey 101: know The city of Sogut


Ertugrul city in Turkey or the city of “Sogut” written in the Turkish language as “Söğüt” and pronounces the old Ottoman language “Skud” meaning willow tree, and it is a city located in the Turkish province of “Bilecik” located in the Marmara region in Turkey. THE CITY OF SOGUT The city of Sogut is the most important historical landmark in Turkey. Millions are attracted to it every year, and it...

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