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Mersin International Port, the 2nd best largest port in Turkey


Mersin International Port is the second largest port in Turkey after the port of “Ambarli”. Mersin International Port is located near Istanbul, and as is clear from the name of the Mersin international port, it is located in the Turkish city of Mersin, located in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. And since the opening of the Mersin international port, the city of Mersin has become...

Can foreigners buy car in turkey


Learn through this article on your site “Turkey for expats” about the question of can foreigners buy car in turkey and get to know about the procedures for buying cars in Turkey and the taxes and fees imposed on them. The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for its traffic congestion, especially at peak time, which is the time for employees to leave their work,  in light of this...

4 Easy steps for opening a bank account in turkey


Opening a bank account in Turkey is a matter of concern to many foreigners, and there are many facilities provided by Turkish banks for Foreigners residing in Turkey. Through our article, we will learn about the most important Turkish banks in which foreigners can open accounts, and what are the necessary steps to open a bank account. The best banks in Turkey and the best option for foreigners:...

6 easy ways for buying home in istanbul step by step


Steps to buy an apartment in Istanbul Istanbul is one of the most popular Turkish cities that many prefer to buy apartments in it and to know how buying home in Istanbul step by step whether for housing or for real estate investment purposes. And that after Turkey has become the first real estate investment destination for many foriegners, and through this article we will try to explain to you...

Know 3 types of taxes in Turkey for foreigners


As a citizen residing in Turkey or thinking of establishing a project in it, you will be subjected to some taxes in Turkey for foreigners, which are imposed by Turkish law on foreigners residing in Turkey, and residency here means staying in Turkey for more than 6 continuous months during the year inside Turkey. Learn with us about The types of taxes in Turkey for foreigners imposed on foreigners...

Know the most important Turkey Real Estate Sites


Turkey real estate sites helped revive the Turkish real estate market, as they look at the real estate specifications, features, and location in detail. The real estate market in Turkey in 2019 witnessed a high record of sales to foreigners. Foreign real estate properties in Turkey have reached about 316,052 thousand, and real estate sales in the last 7 months have reached a remarkable increase...

Top 5 important Turkey job sites


It is important now to get familiar with Turkey job sites since, during the past years, Turkey achieved the highest rates of job opportunities creation among European countries during the period from 2012 to 2016. The job opportunities provided by Turkey during the last five years exceeded the number of job opportunities provided by more than 24 European Union countries. Because of the increase...



Before 2002, foreigners buy property Turkey was not allowed, but after 2002, after the Justice and Development (Al- Adala and Al- tanmeia) Party took over the reins of government in Turkey, laws were amended and the property market was opened to foreign investors in Turkey. After which the property laws related to property ownership were then amended for foreigners more than once to allow...

How to find a job in Turkey


Many young people ask about how to find a job in Turkey; and before mentioning the conditions and requirements for this, we must clarify that the phenomenon of employment that is happening in Turkey is a recent phenomenon that we are not used to, until relatively recent time. About 20 years ago, the Turkish economy was facing a lot of problems and it was not suitable for employing the Turkish...

Obtaining a work permit Turkey


Obtaining a work permit Turkey differs between obtaining a work permit for an employee or a worker or obtaining a work permit for a company owner. In this article, we will talk about obtaining a work permit for employees and workers. Obtaining a work permit Turkey for foreign employees and workers is one of the basic rights that they should be fully aware of, for it guarantees them their basic...

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