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With the increase in the number of Syrians in Turkey as a result of the circumstances that occurred in Syria and the desire of many of them to own a real estate in Turkey for the purpose of settling down with their families, this question has become frequently asked, can foreigners buy property in Turkey?

Does the Syrians have the right to own a real estate in turkey?

There is clear ambiguity in the Turkish laws regarding real estate ownership by Syrians in Turkey,

There is no direct prohibition from the Turkish state for this, especially after the 2012 decisions were issued by the Turkish Parliament granting foreigners the right to own real estate in Turkey, which answers the question of can foreigners buy property in Turkey

But upon practical implementation, it became evident that there were instructions preventing holders of some foreign nationalities from owning directly in Turkey, and unfortunately, among them were the Syrian nationality holders,

Fortunately, the Syrians found a solution to this dilemma in several ways that allowed them to own real estate in Turkey.

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can foreigners buy property in turkey? : here are the Methods of real estate ownership for Syrians in Turkey:

The Syrians found several ways to own real estate in Turkey and escaping the Turkish law in this matter,

Perhaps one of the most prominent idea of them is establishing a commercial company in Turkey, along with many methods, which we will mention for you in the following:

The first method: Owning real estate using the name of a commercial company (establishing a commercial company in Turkey):

After the increase in the number of companies that Syrians establish in Turkey; It has reached more than 10 thousand companies at a rate of 4 new companies per day, and this is according to studies conducted on economic policy research in Turkey,

It is worth noting that the Syrians have a tangible impact on the Turkish economy, and this is evident in the capital that is pumped into the Turkish market through companies owned by Syrian investors, which exceeded 23 million US dollars during 2018.

The Syrians found in this an opportunity to obtain the right to buy real estate in Turkey; Establishing a company in Turkey owned by a Syrian gives him the possibility of real estate ownership in easy steps, which we will mention to you in detail in a later article.

The second method: owning a property using the name of a Turkish citizen with a mortgage sign:

Partnership with a Turkish citizen is the second most prominent way to own real estate for Syrians in Turkey.

Many Syrians residing in Turkey use this method and it is a 100% legal and legitimate method.

There are laws and procedures that guarantee the rights of all parties, including:

  • Putting a mortgage sign on the property, which is a sign in favor of the Syrian partner
  • The signing of a partnership contract between the two parties detailing the rights of each party.

The Syrian side only has to find a trusted Turkish partner to implement this method.

The third method: Syrians owning real estate in Turkey after obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In 2018, the Turkish government amended many laws related to obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners that allow foreign investors in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship, and among these amendments are several options suitable for Syrians, including:

  • Fixed investment in Turkey with a value not less than 500 thousand US dollars.
  • Providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.
  • Deposit in Turkish banks with an amount of 500 thousand US dollars.

Thus, the Syrian investor was able to pursue any of these options to obtain Turkish citizenship,

And through it, he can buy real estate in Turkey as easily as any Turkish citizen.

It is worth noting that the option to buy a property worth 250 thousand US dollars is not one of the options available to Syrians to allow their request for Turkish citizenship. This is because it is not possible to register the property in the name of the Syrian investor directly.

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