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Learn through this article on your site “Turkey for expats” about the question of can foreigners buy car in turkey and get to know about the procedures for buying cars in Turkey and the taxes and fees imposed on them.

The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for its traffic congestion, especially at peak time, which is the time for employees to leave their work,  in light of this daily traffic jam, many foreigners living in Turkey think of buying cars in Turkey to facilitate their transportation, and among these of course the foreigners whose numbers increased In Turkey in general,

Can foreigners buy car in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners residing in Turkey under a short residence permit or who has a work permit in Turkey can buy cars, whether Turkish-made cars or foreign cars,

Can foreigners buy car in Turkey? And what does the Car purchasing require?:

  • The passport and a copy of it translated into Turkish and documented by a notary
  • Turkish national number
  • A copy of the residence permit

And if the car was purchased from a car salon in Turkey, the salon has the right to register the new car in your name at the local traffic department and the price of the service is included within the price of the car paid to the car salon.

Can foreigners buy a car in turkey and does a foreigner have the right to obtain a driver’s license from Turkey?

Yes, the foreign person has the right to obtain a driver’s license from inside Turkey or use his license issued from his country if it is valid, but in case you want to convert the license into a license issued by Turkey, the transfer procedures are required before the expiry of the current license issued from outside Turkey.

You can learn about the procedures for obtaining a driver’s license from Turkey, as well as converting your license into a license issued by Turkey, through the following article:

Procedures for obtaining a driving license from Turkey

Important note:

Take into consideration that when you buy cars in Turkey; If the car is Turkish-made, the foreign buyer can deal with it the way he wants, whether by selling, assigning, leasing, or lending them officially, but in the case of buying foreign cars, the foreign buyer does not have the right to sell, assign, lease or lending them officially and this applies to all cars that have a temporary traffic document with a traffic plates that start with the letters MA.

Fees and taxes imposed on buying cars in Turkey:

Whether the cars that are bought in Turkey are foreign or Turkish-made, Turkish law has imposed taxes and fees that the buyer must pay and they are imposed on all cars in Turkey of all kinds:

  • Registration fee, which is a one-time fee.
  • Vehicle inspection fee, which is a fee paid at the TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Office,

These fees are paid every two years, but the period may vary from one car to another, as there are many types of cars in Turkey (commercial cars, trucks, 4×4 cars, … etc.)

  • Vehicle engine tax, which is a tax that is paid every year, and its value varies according to the car’s specifications such as the size of the engine, the date the car was manufactured, … etc
  • Traffic insurance, which is an amount paid every year, and its value varies according to the car’s specifications.

After you got to know about the procedures for buying cars in Turkey, you can get acquainted with the theory driving test through the following article:

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