Valuable Info on Buying a Used Car in Turkey

شراء سارة في تركيا

Buying a used car in Turkey is very common. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want to have a car to facilitate his life and meet his needs? But thinking about it, buying a car can be very expensive, especially in Turkey.

When it comes to buying a car in Turkey, the tax price is 160% of the price of the car itself. This makes buying a used car in Turkey, one of the best options, especially for expatriates. However, like everything in Turkey, there are steps that you need to follow in order to buy a used car, find out with us the steps to buying a used car in Turkey through the following article.

Documents required for buying a used car in Turkey

These documents must be available in order to be able to register the car in Turkey:

Registering the car at the Notary

Go to the Notary, to register the car in your name, and transfer its ownership from the old owner to yours. You can now buy a car from foreigners as a foreigner or a Turkish citizen, and to register it with your name. You go to the Notary with the car documents and the contract, and the ownership will be transferred from the old owner to you easily.

The Turkish government also granted the Notary the authority to give the buyer a receipt to print a new license plate number for the car in case it belonged to a Turkish seller and the buyer is a foreigner. This step is not necessary if the buyer is a foreigner as well.

Check here for conditions to buy a car as a foriegner

You have to get insurance (compulsory insurance – Zorunlu sigorta) on your car as soon as you register the car on – the same day – otherwise, you will be subjected to a violation.

Tips for buying a used car in Turkey

It is advised, before starting the purchasing process, to determine the price that you can pay and set your budget. You should also review the prices of private websites that show cars’ prices in order to know the price of the car if it is not used and compare it to the prices you find for it as a used car.

It is better to avoid car showrooms, because the owners of the showrooms have relationships with some service and maintenance centers, where they excel in repairing faults in the car, so that it appears as if it had never had a malfunction before in order to hide the faults. This will result in you buying a car that seems flawless, but later, the flaws will show and will be hard to fix.

It is recommended to check the mileage of the car. It is very important to check how many miles exactly did the car travel as it is a very good indicator on the usage of the car, whether it was used heavily or lightly.

Do not rush to buy before you study the market prices well so as not to regret rushing to buy. Take your time researching multiple cars and their prices before you decide on a car. make sure also to check the most popular/common cars in Turkey as they usually exist in abundance, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

Inspect the car at a service center specialized in checking the car to ensure its safety and suitability before buying. You can also request a sealed certificate from the center after the examination.

Did you ever go through the process of buying a used car in Turkey? Tell us in the comments!

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