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Blue card Istanbul are indispensable in Istanbul, as we do not find a paying method within any means of transportation except with these cards, and there are many types of these cards, some of them are charged with small amounts, and some are charged once or twice, but we do not recommend it because it doesn’t have any discount on the ride, unlike the blue card, which is one of the most economical transportation cards and is suitable for those who use transportation on a regular and intensive daily basis.

Get to know more about the advantages of the blue card Istanbul for public transport in Istanbul.

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Advantages of the blue card Istanbul for public transport in Istanbul:

  • The blue card Istanbul for public transport in Istanbul is characterized by the possibility of using it in most of the public transportation in Istanbul such as “Metrobus”, “autobus”, “metro”, “free” (ferry), “tram”, and “cable cars” except for some transportation such as “minibus”, “dolmus and “double-decker buses” and “the old blue bus for private transport”, and some cruises such as the ferry trip to the Princess Islands.
  • The blue card Istanbul cannot be traded between several individuals, as it contains personal information for the owner of the card and a personal photo of him that appears at the station observer when using the card.
  • The blue card Istanbul for public transport in Istanbul gives good discounts on the trips as follows:
service typeThe amount of the discount
The metrobus from the beginning of the line to the end (27 stations)From 3.55 to 1.90
Bus, metro, tram, ferry and cable car (for the first ride)From 2.30 to 1.65
The first switch in the trip after the first rideFrom 1.65 to 0.95
The second switch in the tripFrom 1,25 to 0.75  
The third and fourth switchesFrom 0,85 to 0,50

Taking into account that the switch is in the period after 10 minutes to two hours from the previous trip, so that the discount is calculated.

  • In the event of losing the blue card Istanbul, a replacement for one, two and three times can be extracted without losing the balance in the card, with a fine of 20 liras for the first time and 40 liras for the second and third time, but in the event of losing the card for the fourth time, the identity must be confirmed again in the admission offices designated for obtaining the cards and it is called “iETT”.
  • In the event that the card is damaged, it is replaced with another one with a fine of 10 Turkish liras.

Steps for obtaining a Blue Card Istanbul from approved iETT centers in Istanbul:

A set of papers is submitted to obtain a blue card Istanbul for public transport in Istanbul at any authorized “iETT” center, and the branches of these centers are spread all over Istanbul and are as follows:

Karaköy Başvuru Merkezi

Adres İETT İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü Elektronikkart Yönetim Müdürlüğü Karaköy/İSTANBUL (Tünel Yanı)

Topkapı Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Elektronikkart Yönetim Müdürlüğü Topkapı Şubesi Fatih/İSTANBUL (İETT Topkapı Garajı)

Bahçelievler Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Elektronikkart Yönetim Müdürlüğü Bahçelievler Şubesi Metro İstasyonu

Kadıköy Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Kadıköy Rıhtım

Pendik Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Elektronikkart Yönetim Müdürlüğü Pendik Şubesi Pendik Belediye Başkanlığı Özürlüler Koordinasyon Merkezi Batı Mah. 1.geziboyu Cad.No:64 (Sahilde) Pendik/İSTANBUL

Üsküdar Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Üsküdar Hareket Amirliği, Mihrimah Sultan Camii Önü

Gayrettepe Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Gayrettepe Metro İstasyonu

Bağcılar Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Bağcılar Belediyesi Güneşli Mah. Kirazlı Cad. No:1

Eminönü Başvuru Merkezi

Adres İETT Merkez Peronlar /Eminönü

Beşiktaş Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Beşiktaş İETT Merkezi Peronlar

Ümraniye Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Haldun Alagaş Spor Tesisi

Avcılar Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Avcılar Metrobüs İstasyonu

Beylikdüzü Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Beylikdüzü Sondurak Metrobüs İstasyonu

Altunizade Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Eski Kısıklı Cad. Papyon Otopazarı arkası, Mabeyin Restaurant Yanı, Garaj Girişi Üsküdar

Yenibosna Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Elektronikkart Yönetim Müdürlüğü Yenibosna Şubesi Metro İstasyonu

Kadıköy Metrosu Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Kadıköy Metro İstasyonu

Bostancı Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Bostancı Metro İstasyonu

Ünalan Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Ünalan Metro İstasyonu

Kartal Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Kartal Metro İstasyonu

Taksim Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Taksim Metrosu Talimhane Çıkışı

Zeytinburnu Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Zeytinburnu Metro Çıkışı

Sultanbeyli Başvuru Merkezi

Adres Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Nikah Sarayı ve Kültür Merkezi

Documents required to obtain a blue card for public transportation in Istanbul:

  • A personal photograph.
  • An identity card (kimlik) or residence card if available, or any document proving your identity such as a driver’s license, a marriage certificate or a passport.
  • An amount of 10 Turkish liras as a subscription fee.

You can also apply for the Blue Card for public transportation in Istanbul online and fill out the application through the following link:

And pay the required fees with your bank credit card.

The application can be followed up for two days by registering from your membership page, the blue card will be delivered to you at your address that you have included in your data in the application or it can be received from any of the post offices in the window designated for the blue card.

After receiving the blue card, you can charge it from any transportation card machine at an amount of 185 pounds per month, which is given 200 points valid for use during the month.

The blue card is valid for two years from the date of its issuance, after which a new card must be obtained.

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