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Beykent Univesity Turkey is one of the central private universities in Istanbul, as it is one of the oldest private Turkish universities, founded in 1997, it’s considered one of the most powerful private universities in Turkey. The university provides educational services with methods, tools, and modern educational systems with a practical environment based on practice and innovation in the presence of the best carefully selected scientific teams. Beykent Univesity Turkey is also distinguished by having agreements with European universities within the framework of the Socrates and Erasmus programs which allow university students to continue their education in a European university and foreign students to study in Turkey.

Beykent Univesity Turkey
Beykent Univesity Turkey

Beykent University Turkey was established as a not-forprofit organization by The Adem Çelik – Beykent Education Foundation and began its educational programs in the 1997 – 1998 academic year. Since then, Beykent University has grown its facilities for teaching, learning and research on to three separate campuses. Today it has 10 Faculties, 4 Higher Education Colleges, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centres, The Continuing Education & Career Centre and the Distance Education Centre.The University has a total population of 29,000 students, 900 of which are international. A high-quality learning experience is offered to students with 72 Associate Degree Programmes, 69 Undergraduate Programmes and over 50 Postgraduate Programmes. The medium of instruction of the courses at Beykent University are either English or Turkish.

Ahmet Davutoğlu, the former Prime Minister of Turkey, worked at Beykent University as a professor from 1999 to 2004, serving as Head of the Department of International Relations, Member of University Senate and Member of Board of Management.

Language approved for teaching at the university:

The university relies on teaching in the Turkish language and in English.

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the University’s different campuses:

Beykent Univesity Turkey consists of four educational campuses, which are:

Ayazağa – Maslak campus:

This complex covers an area of ​​35 thousand square meters and accommodates ten thousand students. It’s located in the Sarıyer region of Istanbul. This modern building opened with an 8,000-student capacity for the 2005-2006 lecture year, and now it has a maximum 12,000 student capacity because of new building improvements. It provides facilities mainly for BA and BSc programmes as well as for the Turkish youth series Hepsi

Beykent campus:

It is located in Büyükçekmece within the residential area of Beykent. The 12-floor building is centered around the Beylikdüzü life center, healthcare institutions and the Tüyap Exhibition. The 16.000 m2 closed educational complex provides modern educational facilities, laboratories, workshop studios, an auditorium, and a cultural center. The external sports area and swimming pool at the Beykent College can be used by the students of the University.

Taksim campus:

It is located in Istanbul’s main culture and arts district Beyoğlu, with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters. It serves as the headquarters of the Social Sciences Institute and most post-graduate programmes are taught in this building. The Law Faculty is located in this building and began teaching in the 2008-2009 academic year.

Beykent Awalun campus:

The Awalun campus is located in Büyükçekmece, and it was opened with an investment project and includes a hotel, shopping center, hospital, cinema, restaurant, café and auditorium close to the university.

Faculties and Institutes at Beykent Univesity Turkey:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts.
  • Faculty of Media.
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
  • Faculty of postgraduate education for Foreign Languages.
  • Application and continuous research educational center.
  • School of Applied Sciences for postgraduate studies.
  • Senior Technical Institute.
  • Distance education center.
  • Faculty of Applied Senior Education. The art of restaurant and kitchen service.
  • Faculty of Senior Education for Medical Science.
  • Beykent TV & Studios.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Institute of Social Sciences.
  • Technical Sciences Institute.
  • Education center, application and continuous research.
  • Center of Strategic Studies.
  • Research and Application Center on the Ataturk Principles and Revolution.
  • Faculty of Dentistry.
  • Faculty of medicine.
  • Faculty of Literature and Art Sciences.
  • The Hospital of the faculty of Medicine in Beykent University.

University programs:

The university offers about 57 bachelor’s diploma programs, in addition to 72 diploma programs for pre-bachelor’s degree by studying in English and Turkish, with a maximum of 30% for studying in English.

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