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Tourists’ interest in one-day trips to Sapanca and Masukiye has increased. There are many tourist offices that organize trips to these picturesque places, as these areas are characterized by the beauty of nature and its scenic charm, and the attraction is not limited to tourists only, but local Turks and residents in Turkey consider them quick trips, they visit them during the weekend to enjoy the calmness, relaxation and rest from the troubles of work. 

The most beautiful tourist places in Sapanca and Masukia:


It is one of the most famous and most beautiful Turkish cities, with an increasing number of tourists every year; It is a city with a charming nature and a wonderful climate that made it the focus of tourists’ attention, and a suitable place for lovers of relaxation and comfort, The city has many important tourist places such as Sapanca Lake, Kartepe Mountain, Bird Park, and a Zoo. 

Location of the Turkish city of Sapanca: 

Sapanca is located in the Sakarya district of the Marmara region, about 120 km from Istanbul. 

It can be reached from the Asian side of Istanbul and takes about an hour and a half by car, it is also about 90 km from Bursa, and only 15 km from Izmit.

 The climate in the Turkish city of Sapanca: 

In the winter, the temperature drops below zero, snow cover the area and the lake. And it’s an opportunity to practice snowboarding from the highest mountains in the region, During the summer, the weather is moderate and sunny, and the temperature reaches more than 28 degrees Celsius. 

The most beautiful Sapanca attractions: 

Sapanca attractions: Sapanca Lake

 It is one of the most important tourist places in the city of Sapanca, as it is one of the largest natural lakes in all of Turkey, Sapanca Lake is located in the middle of a group of green forests, which made it a charming and ideal place for lovers of serenity.

 The lake is characterized by its clear water, and the possibility of holding barbecues parties with family and friends around it. The lake also includes multiple and rare types of birds, plants, and fruit trees spread near it, Overlooking the historic Rustem Pasha Mosque, where its construction was ordered by Minister Rustem under the supervision of the most skilled Ottoman builders. 

Lake Sapanca is open to visitors every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. 

The most important hotels and resorts near Sapanca Lake: 

The Lake area includes many 5-star resorts and hotels close to the Lake, 

the most important of which are: 

1-Richmond Nua Wellness Spa Hotel 

The hotel can be booked through the following link

2-NG Sapanca Wellness & Convention Resort

The resort can be booked through the following link

Sapanca attractions: Kartaba mountain

It is a high mountain in the city of Sapanca with a height of about 1600 meters, and it is characterized by its charming view of Sapanca Lake and the entire city, you can enjoy snowboarding from the highest mountain in the winter when it is covered with snow. There is a possibility to rent ski equipment from the stalls located at the top of the mountain. 

There is also a cable car through which you can enjoy watching the mountains and the city from above. 

Sapanca attractions: Naturkoy Village 

It is a small village close to Sapanca Lake. The village enjoys a charming rural atmosphere. Which made it no less beautiful than the Sapanca Lake area, it also includes a wonderful lake formed by the flow of rivers, and ducks and hares are spread on its sides. 

There are many restaurants and cafes around it that serve the most delicious Turkish food and drinks. There are also entertainment places for children around the lake. 

Sapanca attractions: Darija Zoo 

It is a zoo located in the city of “Sapanca”, which includes many animals, and it attracts families and children, in particular, the park visits are available in the times from May to October only.

Maşukiye Köyü: 

It is a village located on the road to the Turkish city of Sapanca, about 20 km away from it. The village enjoys a rural atmosphere and quietness and is characterized by the presence of wonderful waterfalls, which is up to 25 waterfalls, which made it a destination for many tourists of different nationalities. 

you will enjoy the calmness and the sounds of water and its flowing from the highest mountains in the area. 

Masukiye enjoys the presence of many natural parks in which you can enjoy walking, especially in the early morning, sitting and enjoying the view of the picturesque colorful flowers scattered in the area

one Day trips to Sapanca and Masukiye: 

One-day trips to Sapanca Maşukiye are among the most beautiful tourist trips that are popular with tourists and Turks, and the trip takes about 10-12 hours, and their prices are reasonable and good, and they are organized by many tourist offices in Istanbul, Most of the trips include transportation prices from the accommodation hotel in Istanbul to the tourist places in Sapanca and Masukiye, As well as entrance fees to the tourist places in the two regions, Cable car ride fee in Sapanca and lunch cost.

 These are the average prices for tourist trips to Sapanca and Maasukiye: 

The average price of a trip for one person with a tourist group is $25. 

The average price for a trip in a private car for a family of 7 people is $160. 

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