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In the month of Ramadan, the city of Istanbul turns into a torch of lit lights and a carnival of celebrations and gatherings, where the Turks find Ramadan a great opportunity to consolidate social and cultural activity, and for this, we find that the municipalities of neighborhoods in Istanbul have been accustomed for 6 years in a row to establish Ramadan bazaars in each region,
which is not limited to buying and selling activities only, but it also includes many cultural activities that work on reviving the Ottoman culture that has been inherited since ancient times.

Ramadan destination Turkey: Bazaars in Istanbul

The bazaars (markets) in general in Istanbul are among the ancient traditions in the city and have been inherited by generations since the Byzantine era until it became a recognized tradition. These bazaars are spread everywhere. The bazaars which are a Ramadan destination Turkey are divided into:

Permanent bazaars:

The most famous in Istanbul are the Grand Bazaar, and the Egyptian Market (Spice Market).

Weekly bazaars:

They are popular open markets (in the open air) that are held for one or two days a week in the various neighborhoods of Istanbul.
Where each neighborhood chooses a day of the week to hold the weekly market.
In Istanbul alone, there are about 358 bazaars throughout the week, 423 are on the European side of Istanbul. And 115 bazaars on the Asian side of it, these bazaars are distinguished by their good prices for groceries.

Ramadan bazaars:

For several years, Ramadan bazaars have been held in many areas of Istanbul.
They are bazaars organized by neighborhood municipalities, which also organize collective breakfast tables in every district in Istanbul, and the neighborhood’s wealthy people and residents participate in organizing them.
The tables include all sects of the people in Istanbul side by side,



The most famous Ramadan destination Turkey:

Among the most famous Ramadan destination Turkey are the bazaars located in the famous public squares, such as Sultanahmet Square Bazaar, Taksim Square Bazaar, the latest one is Kayasehir Square Bazaar,

Ramadan destination Turkey: Ramadan Bazaar in Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul (Traditional Arts and Food Market)

The Ramadan bazaar in Sultan Ahmed Square begins its work, as usual for all Ramadan bazaars, from 10 in the morning until 2 after midnight.
where the Sultanahmet area, the most popular tourist area in Istanbul and all of Turkey, turns into a celebration area for the holy month,
Different languages ​​and dialects mingle; The mosque is decorated to receive the worshipers, lights are lit around the mosque, and lit banners are hung to celebrate the advent of the holy month and the mosque becomes a lit pearl in the center of Istanbul Throughout the month of Ramadan.
The municipality of the region used to establish the popular Ramadan market, which is called the “Traditional Arts and Food” market

Activities in the Ramadan Bazaar in Sultanahmet Square:

The bazaar includes many owners of crafts and handicrafts who display their wonderful products in the courtyard of the mosque Such as porcelain, glass manufactures, copper manufactures, wooden antiques, pottery antiques, perfumes, Turkish soaps, various perfumes, and handmade leather products.

The market also includes many chefs and makers of famous Turkish sweets, especially the Turkish delights, which are loved by local Turks, tourists, and residents of Istanbul.
The market also contains cultural programs organized by the neighborhood municipality, the most famous of which are music concerts and Sufi whirling (Mevlevi), an ancient Ottoman art, as well as religious singing parties, theater, and performances, The cultural program in the market includes the display of “Karagoze”, which are traditional puppet show that goes back to the ancient Ottoman eras during the days of Sultan Selim the first, the show is accepted and loved by children and adults alike.

Do not miss visiting the traditional arts and food market in Sultanahmet district in Istanbul,

Ramadan destination Turkey: Ramadan Bazaar in Taksim Square in Istanbul:

Taksim Square is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, as it receives daily more than 3 million people, whether tourists or local Istanbul residents, The place includes many historical buildings, shops, restaurants, and cafes, in addition to many embassies and consulates such as the American, British, French and Greek consulates.

Taksim Square also contains Istiklal Street, which is one of the most important streets of the city. It is considered a cultural beacon, as it includes many fine arts centers and high-end entertainment places.
It also includes many international cafes and restaurants, many money exchange offices
For several years, the municipality of Taksim used to hold the Ramadan bazaar in the area, which is a festival of handicrafts and heritage pieces in Istanbul.
It includes a lot of craftsmen and makers of works and antiques who are keen to participate in the bazaar every year, Various goods are sold in the market, whether locally made or imported.
Perhaps the most famous of them are:

Turkish leatherwork, hand-made Turkish carpets.
The market also includes a place dedicated to displaying and selling old Turkish coins, archaeological statues, and rare books, which are popular with many lovers of the ancient Ottoman heritage.

Ramadan destination Turkey: “Kayaşehir” Ramadan Bazaar in Istanbul

The “Kayaşehir” district is located in the “Başakşehir” municipality in Istanbul, it is one of the best municipalities in European Istanbul, as it is located near the new government square, and in an intermediate location between the old Ataturk Airport and Istanbul’s third airport.
In addition to the fact that this area is an area that has a good future for real estate investments because it is a desirable area for rent and housing by wealthy foreigners. It is a quiet area that includes many lush gardens, international schools, and luxury residential complexes,

This year, the municipality of the “Kayaşehir” region has started for the first time to establish a market or a Ramadan bazaar in the region, which includes many commercial and cultural activities. Where many famous shops in Istanbul and famous brands participate in the bazaar, especially the foreigners, as the market includes various types of Turkish and imported goods, in addition to the shops selling delicious Turkish foods, which are popular with visitors of the market.

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