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The Turkish city of Istanbul is adorned with many beautiful gardens, which are among the tourist attractions that millions of tourists from all countries of the world are keen to visit. It has become as important as the historical and archaeological sites in the ancient Turkish city. We find Gulhana Park, Yildiz Park, And Emirgan Park, and other wonderful parks, and recently, during the current month of November 2018, the opening of 5 new public parks took place in Istanbul.

best public parks in Istanbul

 New best public parks in Istanbul:

In November 2018, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened five new best public parks in Istanbul.

Which he called the public parks of the people in the “Kiaşehir” area in Istanbul, and their names in order are “Başakşehir”, “Kiaşehir”, “Hosh Dora”, “Barutkhana”, “Gerbegi”.

These parks are among the plan developed by the Turkish government; Which includes the implementation of 1,400 projects worth $9 billion, One of the most important projects of them is still under implementation, which is the “Istanbul Canal” project.

also, the construction of the largest exhibition city and park in the place of the old Ataturk Airport, after transferring his business to Istanbul’s third airport, which will be a magnet for Istanbul residents and a huge number of foreign tourists,

And this park will be a vast area that exceeds the area of ​​international parks such as Central Park in the United States of America.

The most important features of the Basaksehir area:

The “Başakşehir” district is located in the European section of Istanbul,

It is a residential area inhabited by a large number of the Arab population in Istanbul which is about 65%.

It is a strategic area not far from the Taksim area and the rest of the famous areas of Istanbul, which is the center of the city’s tourist attractions, this is in addition to its proximity to Istanbul’s new third airport,

For this reason, the “Başakşehir” area has attracted investors, especially Arabs, in the field of real estate investment, as real estate prices in the region are higher than the rest of Istanbul, and it is characterized by the system of luxury residential complexes,

It is expected that real estate prices in the region will increase after the opening of the five best public parks in Istanbul inside it, which is good news for investors in the region.

Some of the most famous best public parks in Istanbul:

Gulhane park:

It is located in Eminonu, it is the best place to relax after visiting the attractions of Sultanahmet district.

The Park covers a huge area and it contains a lot of trees, flowers, and pools that’s why it is the perfect place for picnics.

There are a lot of cafes that have an amazing view of the Bosphorus.

Yildiz park:

It was first a hunting reserve, and not it is one of the biggest parks in Istanbul.

It includes about 120 species of different plants and trees, a lot of lakes, and wooden bridges.

It contains some animals such as turtles, fish, ducks, and geese and you can enjoy feeding them as well

Bebek park: 

It is 16,000 meters square of trees and green, it has a playground for kids and a lot of shops that you can shop from and buy souvenirs while enjoying the view of the Bosphorus and walking your pet.

It is also a walking distance from the famous Galata Tower.

Emirgan park:

Since tulips are very meaningful for the Turkish culture an annual festival in April in Istanbul’s famous parks takes places including the Emirgan park, the visitors get to enjoy the view of billions of tulip flowers

Inside you will have beautiful lakes, jogging tracks a lot of cafes and restaurants that overview the Bosphorus

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