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To know about the best places to live in Istanbul for expats you must know that there is a great and continuous debate between residents of Istanbul and those wishing to come to live in it. The estimation of the cost of living, rents of houses, and so on in Istanbul are different and they vary, this variation is due to the difference in the cost of living from one region to another in Istanbul, also there is a difference between the cost of living From one family to another residing in Istanbul.

let’s get to know about a comparison between the best places to live in Istanbul for expats on the European side, so that it becomes easy for families of all levels to choose between these areas before coming to Turkey and living in it.

The best places to live in Istanbul for expats on the European side:

There are several areas on the European side of Istanbul known for the existence of a large group of foreigners, it is suitable for families with high and medium income, the best of these areas is:

  • Basaksehir area.
  • Kayashehir region.
  • Beylikduzu area.
  • Esenyurt region.

Let’s get to know each area, its advantages and the cost of living in it.

“Basaksehir” district in Istanbul, Başakşehir:

One of the best places to live in Istanbul for expats, especially those from the Gulf countries or other foreign countries with high incomes,

The area is characterized by its high residential complexes and the availability of schools, universities and services everywhere in the region.

The nature of the land in the region is characterized by the abundance of small plateaus, hills and valleys covered with greenery. Which gave it an amazing natural beauty, in addition to the availability of many commercial centers that include the most luxurious international brands, In addition to restaurants, cafes and luxurious cinemas.

the cost of living of the best places to live in Istanbul for expats is in the Basaksehir area:

  • Average rents for apartments (3 rooms) outside a residential complex in the area are around 2000 TL per month.
  • The average rents of apartments within a residential complex in the region are in the range of 2,500 TL per month.
  • Monthly returns (which are amounts paid for the services provided by the residential complex) and it ranges from 100 to 500 TL per month.
  • The average cost of the monthly bills (basic utilities such as water, gas, electricity and internet) is around 700 TL per month.
  • A monthly car allowance of 1300 Turkish liras per month.
  • Expense for food, drinks, outings, picnics, etc., this estimate varies from one family to another 4000 Turkish lira per month

so, the total monthly cost of living in the “Basaksehir” area is about 9000 to 10,000 Turkish liras per month,This amount is considered the maximum cost of living for a large family in this area.

Of course, these estimations vary according to the family itself and its standards of living, so we will find another family of the same number of members who can live in the same area for 5,000 Turkish liras without car expenses, going out and outings, for example.

“Kayaşehir” district in Istanbul:

“Kayashehir” is located within 3 rapidly growing urban areas that are included in the municipality of “Basaksehir”, which is the newest municipality in Istanbul.

Kayashehir is the second district in the municipality of “Basaksehir”.

Most of the area consists of high modern residential complexes separated from the “Basaksehir” center by several giant government projects such as:

  • The new square project, which includes the largest botanical garden in Istanbul and the whole of Europe.
  • The largest hospital complex in Europe
  •  Railway lines (tramway, metro),
  • Many commercial centers are under construction,

And all this led to a great acceleration in real estate investments, especially from foreign investors, who found in the region a good investment opportunity due to the increase in real estate prices that grows every year in the region, as prices increased by 27% over previous years.

And according to many studies in the field of real estate investment, the region will be among the five largest areas in Istanbul that will witness a future rise in prices, which will enhance the real estate investment opportunities in the region,

Many foreigners are found in the region, as it is one of the best areas of residence for foreigners now.

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the cost of the best places to live in Istanbul for expats which are in Kayashehir:

The cost of residential rentals is relatively lower than that in the “Basaksehir” area.

The average cost of residential rents for apartments (3 rooms) ranges between 1500-2000 TL per month.

As for the cost of living in terms of food, drink and basic utilities, it does not differ much from the area of ​​Basaksehir.

Beylikdüzü district in Istanbul:

Beylikduzu is located on the western European side of Istanbul.

The region is witnessing a continuous increase in the number of foreigners from the upper classes and the educated people, which is considered one of the best areas of residence for foreigners, this is due to the availability of the elements for a decent life in the region.

From schools, universities, government departments, health centers, trade fairs, and coastal resorts,

And also because of its closeness to Istanbul’s main airport,

And it is considered the best place for foreigners who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, as well as for those who want upscale and modern housing.

Many people also prefer to live in it because of its closeness to the Metrobus Road,

Regarding the cost of living in Beylikduzu:

The cost of living in Beylikduzu is relatively lower than in the “Basaksehir” area.

Beylikduzu district from the north borders the “Esenyurt” region, which is considered one of the popular areas in Istanbul,

That is why we will find that living standards decrease in “Beylikduzu” as we go to the north with its borders near Esenyurt.

Esenyurt area in Istanbul:

The Esenyurt region differs from the previously mentioned areas, due to the low rental prices of apartments.

The area is characterized by many services, entertainment places, shops and malls, as well as educational and medical centers spread everywhere,

This is why we find job opportunities widely available in the region.

Regarding the cost of living in Esenyurt:

The rental prices of apartments in Esenyurt ranges from 700 to 2000 TL per month.

The area includes luxurious residential complexes side by side with the modest apartments in the popular areas,

That is why we find it a popular area that includes all nationalities, including Turks, Arabs, Kurds, and others and also includes families of higher levels in the same region,

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Important note:

After we have presented to you the costs of living and residential rents for each region, we advise the big foreign families who are considering coming and living in Turkey with a decent life in an upscale or medium area to allocate a monthly budget of at least $ 1,000 per month,

It is better to prepare a full year’s expenses before making the decision to travel, these expenses do not include the cost of furnishing the place of residence.

Now that you know the best places to live in Istanbul for expats, tell us your experience in any of those places and what sort of advice you can give to whoever wants to live there.

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