best online Turkish courses


If you are willing to learn Turkish or any other language you must know about the best online Turkish courses out there. the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in the world is no longer a reason to postpone your learning plans; endless options for learning of all kinds are available online. you’ll need to practice it on a daily basis.

In order to master it and you will find what you are looking for in the best online Turkish courses, that will help you learn Turkish effectively while staying at home during quarantine in the country after the spread of the Coronavirus in Turkey. Nevertheless. Get to know the best online Turkish courses to learn the language from home through the following article.

best online Turkish courses

Best online Turkish courses and programs to learn Turkish from home:

Some of the Turkish language learning programs and websites are free, while others are paid with monthly or annual subscriptions. We have chosen the best online Turkish courses for you to learn the Turkish language from home, which are highly visited by users who want to learn the Turkish language and other languages ​​through these programs and websites, which are the following:

Hands On Turkish Program:

It is a free online educational program offered by the European Commission, which sponsors it financially. This program is concerned with teaching the Turkish language online to non-specialists through the program’s platform,

The program is available on the platform in several levels:

• Free introductory level that lasts for12 hours in 4 weeks.

• Advanced levels to fully learn the Turkish language, in 120 hours for a year,

And it’s up to you to choose your learning hours freely during the learning process in this program; as the program has flexibility in terms of your chosen learning hours, and in terms of the learning rate that is compatible with your capabilities as a learner.

Hands On Turkish tools are simple and they provide the ability to pronounce the given words while learning.

Panagiotis Georgalas Website:

It is a recreative website that relies on learning the Turkish language from home simply through exercises and entertaining puzzles, with an emphasis on grammar, and these exercises can be practiced during leisure and spare time.

The website uses various phrases, some of them are easy and simple, while others are difficult exercises with unfamiliar terms.

Turkish Tea Time website:

This website is the most popular, as it has the best online Turkish courses, although it is a website based on a monthly or annual subscription system,

The website was created by a group of a young Americans who live in Turkey and work at Bogazici University (Bosphorus),

The lessons in the website -which are more than one hundred lessons- are divided into different levels,

The website also provides an opportunity for learners to become familiar with common terms and conversations among Turkish people.

Istanbul & i Organization:

It is an international youth organization dedicated to volunteer work, its official headquarters is based in the “Karakoy” district in Istanbul,

And it was organizing weekly talks for two hours for 3 different levels in this official headquarters before quarintine in Turkey,

As for now, it’s practicing the volunteer work online where it holds the weekly talks, and the Turkish language speaking club’s appointment is made via the organization’s official website; On Tuesdays from 5pm to 7 pm, the club adds 7 participants in each level.

TURKISH BY OLA YouTube Channel:

It is an educational channel that has become popular recently, as it provides the best online Turkish courses; It was created by a British expat who lives in Turkey,

The channel is famous for its videos on teaching the Turkish language, the most famous of which is the series “Learn Turkish in five minutes”, and teaching Turkish in two minutes, and the channel relies in most of its lessons on conversations that occur in everyday life.

Busuu App:

It is an App that uses the European Framework of Reference for Languages in order ​​to help the learner understand his progress in learning the Turkish language,

The App provides many levels, starting from level A1 for beginners, up to level C2,

One of the App’s advantages is the ability to use it without an internet connection if you previously downloaded the lessons.

Also, all dialogues, phrases and words from native speakers are recorded so that you can revise them and listen to them again.

The App uses music and memory-stimulating games as an example of new exceptional learning methods.

After you got to know the best online Turkish courses for learning Turkish from home,

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