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 Finding the best hijab mall Istanbul is essential for veiled women who want modern and conservative clothes at the same time. if you are interested in women’s veiled clothes, for veiled clothes has been opened in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is the “Zeruj Port” best hijab mall Istanbul. if you are on a visit to Turkey or a resident, specifically in Istanbul, then you are very lucky, you have got what you want!! 

This best hijab mall Istanbul is distinguished by its location in the center of Istanbul, specifically in the “Zaytonburnu” area, and the multiplicity of transportation means around it. The mall is the first of its kind in the world, as it is mainly devoted to veiled clothes. The commercial center consists of 2 floors filled with stores as it contains (126) shops mostly owned by women and filled with the requirements of veiled women. 

Istanbul hosts a lot of fashion festivals annually including the Zeruj festival and the brain behind it was Zehra Ozkaymaz and her goal was to encourage fashion designers to show their talent to people, later Zehra opened the Zeruj port best hijab mall Istanbul in May and it became one of the most famous malls in the whole world.

best hijab mall Istanbul prices:

the Mall prices are mostly considered average prices, and prices may vary between brands. However, the sure thing is that you will find in front of you a large number of options that can fit every social class, as it has everything that veiled women need, starting from outing clothes all the way to home clothes and they are all available in different sizes.

 The best hijab mall Istanbul “Zeruj Port” is characterized by a variety of exhibits to suit all tastes, and it also includes some stores for children’s clothing that can be helpful for any mother and make it easier to find the perfect clothes for her and her children. 

The mall also includes a number of the most famous veiled clothing brands in Turkey, which ignites the spirit of competition and offers from different stores in order to provide the best price to satisfy customers. The mall also includes some home accessories, jewelry stores, makeup and cosmetics stores, and shoe stores that appeal to many ladies

 so, it can also be called a mall for women in general and not just for veiled women.

The mall also contains a kids entertainment area so that your children can run and play and includes a lot of great restaurants and cafes such as lafe café and burger shop so that you can have a snack after a long day of shopping.

The mall contains a lot of stores such as Qayha, Jorbinol, Elifsmoda, Trendrosse, Saprive, Elif Eser, Maxtaylor, Manila, and Miha

 How to reach the best hijab mall Istanbul Zeruj port

The best way to reach the mall is by taking the metro and getting off at Merter station. 

Or you can take Metrobus and get off at Merter station. 

Or take the tram from Aksaray (Bağcılar-KabataşT1) and get off at Akşemsettin station and it is only two minutes away from the mall, which is the closest transportation to the mall. 

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Worktime of best hijab mall Istanbul Zeruj port

The mall starts work at 10 am, and closes at 10 pm. Therefore, if you are a man, you can enter the “Zeruj Port” mall and there is no objection to that at all, but you will not find anything related to men in it because it is a women’s mall. 

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